Friday, 3 May 2013

Bluetooth Headset

So, yesterday I bought this

At first I was extremely happy about it. I mean now I can talk while my hands are free to do anything (insert your imagination here). However, after I had pay for it, I just suddenly realised that I can only wear it while wearing this. 

Meaning that I can clip it on the buttons/ shirt opening. 

However, if I am wearing this

where on earth am I going to clip it? On the neck? Very the unglam.

Maybe I should have bought this instead

No clip, no wire and you can wear it with any types of clothing and you'll still look ok with it. But, I don't like it in the sense that it will be stuck in my ear all day. I'm not sure whether I'll be comfortable. 


Should I buy a new one like the above? Or stick to my current ones?


  1. Err, wait for the one you bought spoil first...then only get new one.


    1. i was actually tempted to buy a new one but my money don't allow me to do so .. huhuhuhuh