Saturday, 28 April 2012

Of Kerja and Cantik

It's been quite some time since I blog.

Workload is increasing and no, I'm not complaining. I like having my workload increased. After having quite some time of slow paced working aka no cases on hand aka makan gaji buta, this past few weeks has been making me go for inspections, go to Land Office, meet clients etc. I don't say it often but during this time, I really love my job =)

On another note, just last week the dermatologist for the skin care that I'm using, flew from US to this small town here. So, I took the opportunity for him, a real dermatologist, and not a therapist which I frequent, to check my skin. Result? Meh, same old, same old. My skin is way too oily. Quoting his words, "Your skin is too, too, too, too, too, too, too oily!" He suspects its something to do with what I eat. So, he said no more chocolates, biscuits (does chips count?), milo, chicken skin, peanuts and seafood for me. He said these are the things that can cause oily skin. I can skip the milo, the chicken skin (this is hard!), the peanuts, the biscuits, but chocolate and seafood? Alamak!! 

He prescribed me some more products but he specifically said that I need to get my internal problem fix first. Or else the products he prescribed is not going to do any work. But luckily, the therapist understands that I am having quite a tight budget. She advised me to prioritise the detox drink first, only then buy the external products. So, that is going to be included in June/ July budget? For the time being, I'll stick to my detox supplement that I got from Shaklee, along with my other supplements from Amway. And also to stop eating all the stuff that's making my skin oily. 

So, that's juts about it. All the 'interesting' events ever since I'm resting for a while from blogging. =)

Saturday, 21 April 2012

As Fate Would Have It

Today I found out a bad news in regards to a friend mine. He posted a picture in FB with a caption saying that he will be discharge from hospital. Long story short, he will have to undergo an operation on his spine which resulting in him losing a toe.

His friends are wishing him for the best - in regards to the operation as well as praying that he will not lose a toe. But I must salute him. From the way he reply all the comments, he is strong and accepted whatever fate has bestowed upon him.

Me, on the other hand, starts to ponder. Before that, let me just say this. He is blessed with a cute face. He's bubbly. He's fun. And yes, he was one of my crush during my schooling years. Who wouldn't? But he's straight as hell. So, yeah. Nothing happened.

Thing is, when we see a cute/ hot/ handsome guys out there, we always assume that they are perfect. That they must have had an easy life. But now this has happened to my friend, it struck me that no one is ever perfect. A person may be hot, may be really handsome and may be really cute, but there would be something, perhaps something so small that makes them imperfect.

Then again, imperfection is what made us perfect, no?

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Cat dilemma

The thing is this cat came to my home (more like dibuang by her previous owner I supposed as she's in a very good condition when we found her) when she was just more or less like 2 months old kitten. Mum pitied her and she said that we'll just take care of her till she's good enough to survive on her own then we buang her at some nice eating place (not a 5 star eating place. Just at some hawker centre where she can get food easily). But I grew fond of her - I have a very soft spot for animals - and decided to adopt her, somehow.

And then the dilemma..

I never actually adopt a cat before. I mean before this I do have a cat and he was absolutely an outdoor cat. We never let any cats to enter the house as my sister has athma and thus it's bad for her. Before this we only feed him. Just that. No sangkar, no shampooing, no neutering.

This cat however is different. She loves jumping around! So, I bought her a sangkar just to put her inside when I want to go to work so that I won't ran her with the car accidentally.

Then she gets pregnant. She's so gatal! =) And she gets smelly. I make some research on the internet on how to care for a pregnant cat, how to bathe her, when to get her spayed etc. Then suddenly, the realisation that I am adopting a cat and caring her for real, came rushing into me. Part of me really want to give her all that. I mean bathing her, getting her spayed and buy her a new sangkar - an expensive one at that, RM 200!! - because the current one is quite small and I foreseeing her to be in the sangkar with her babies for about 2 - 3 months before I spayed her, treats and all that. But another part of me was like, you know just treat her like any normal cat. Just feed and nothing else.

What to do?

Friday, 6 April 2012

Just My Two Cents (and also because I have nothing to write!)

A recent post by a blogger cause quite a stir to a reader which I shall say is a border between an anonymous and a blogger as this person did not list his blog in his profile. So we have no idea whether he has a blog or otherwise.

As a self professed seasoned blogger - I have been blogging since 2008 but due to some circumstances all my previous blogs have been deleted - I have to say that I had experienced it twice where an anonymous reader of mine really disagree with me till the point of calling me an apostate. Another post made an anonymous reader called me as traitor to my race.

I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, there is a certain line which may not be crossed. As for me it seems the lines that I have crossed - as according to my reader, but I believed that I have not - are religion and race.

The religion part is when I talked about the cancellation of an international artist concert due to the performer promotes hedonism. The race part is when I talked and I agree of non-bumi entering UiTM.

I did it in a very soft approach. I mean I don't use any curses at all. I am just stating my opinion in a very mild manner but the response, let's just say I was quite shocked. In the end, I remind myself not to write anything in my blog about anything that I will not talked about with strangers or people that I have just met for the first time.

Now, back to the blogger. I have never in my mind thought that someone's preference on his/ her sexual activities can and will be bashed. I'm not saying about sexuality - straight or bent - but the person's preference on who they want to do it with. I thought it is up to the person on who they want to do it with. It's their own personal choice. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Just because you say a person is hot, doesn't mean that everyone will agree with you. It is the same with your tastebuds isn't it. Just because you think that Island Supreme Pizza is absolutely heaven, others may absolutely dislike it.

In this reader vs blogger case, if the reader really, really, really like 'dim sum', that whenever you 'eat' it, it rocks the foundation of your apartment, then that's it. Don't force others to agree with you. Whatever rocks your boat, may not rock others.

It seems to me that you are too shallow in your argument. It might be the case if you are in the 60's but this is 2012. Wake up and smell the coffee mate. If you are too obsessed with tea, you might not know the wonders of a cup of coffee. Or a glass of juice for that matter!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

2nd Quarter of 2012

The second quarter of 2012 has officially started but none of my plans have worked out ..... so far :)

Yes, are-5th. It is indeed a good news, somehow, considering you still have nine months to ensure that you work out your plans.

However .....


On another note, financial budget has been such a bitch for these past few months. and it will still be a bitch until May. I forecast a more stable and better financial status in June. So I've so far make mental plans on what need to be done so that I won't over budget. Eg. just have a hair cut and no hair treatment. My hair and skin care products need to be used sparingly to last me at least until May. Kau nak habis, kene habis at least after 31 May 2012. More economical dishes (but it's not economical anymore. Buy a little of this and a little of that without rice and water can reach RM 5-6). I also need to learn how to drive properly, so that I can save my fuel costs (but how lehh??).