Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Totally Not My Day 2.0

Have been having problems in the workplace recently.

The new Bank Negara policy really affect the business a lot. I have to deal with that AND the office politics. *sigh* You know how in the drama and stories from people, office politics only happen in big, big company with a large number of employees. Mine is a small office of 6 (exclude my boss) and we have office politics. One is neutral and the remaining 4 seems bent on making my life a living hell. I really don't like working here. I don't know what kept me here. Wait, I know what kept me here. But that 2 reasons don't really make a positive outlook right now. *sigh*

That aside, those four may seem like trying to really mess with me, but what they don't know is that I've been through a lot worse ad I survived. I SURVIVED BABY! Come on, I dare you. BRING IT ON! You can't break me bitches and bastard. I may have yet to reciprocate. I've been quite all this time. But that does not mean that you've won. I'm just observing on everything that you do. And when the perfect time comes, I suggest you take shelters bitches and bastard. Because it will hit you hard!


After further analysing and discussing with someone who is much more experienced in this matter, I have to admit there are some things that I did that leads to this thing happened. Actually a lot of things. And I am resolved to change all that. I pray to the Almighty that I will be unwavered in my path.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

All dogs go to heaven

This afternoon I was watching a TV3 show called Melodi. Haven't watched that show since ages. It has gotten so blah for my taste. The hosts, to me, have no chemistry at all. And they keep making those silly jokes and fake laughs and all.

However, the important thing that I would like to write here is about their interview with Adira AF8, about her picture holding a puppy that was circulated over the internet. What attracts me was a question by the interviewer, which goes something like "Do you know that it's wrong to hold a puppy?'

Seriously mate?!

Malays need to toss away this stupid, age old thinking that holding a puppy or dog is wrong. It's not wrong. I mean, I never heard or read any proofs from the Quran or hadith saying that it is wrong or sinful to touch or hold a dog or a puppy. There is absolutely no problem in doing that. The only thing that is wrong, is if after you touched or hold a dog or a puppy, you do not perform the necessary cleansing ritual. Now that is wrong. Because if you don't, then you can't perform your prayers, which is a serious issue. Even so, I once heard from a scholar that if the surface that you touched i dry, then you don't have to do the cleansing ritual.

Now, unless you can give me any evidence from the Quran or hadith, I hold my opinion true and legit.

P.S. Think the phrase needs to be changed. I mean, all animals go to heaven, no?

Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Meaning of My Birthdate

  1. You were born to enjoy life. (TRUE)
  2. You do not care about anything and just want to have fun in your life time. (TRUE)
  3. You are very clever in their studies and business management. (err... betul ker? *scratch head*)
  4. You are a genius, kind, have the appearance of handsome. (I WANT THIS ALSO, CAN OR CANNOT? ^^)
  5. All good things will come to you. (TERIMA KASIH..!!)

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Paper Bag Like Bag


I want one... It looks ever so minimalist and yet stylish *apa kejadah ayat aku nih*

Waves of Dream VS The Legend of Satan Boy

Suddenly I have a very dirty thoughts.... ^^