Tuesday, 26 February 2013

One lucky day for a little slut ... sorta

So, two times having a sexual dream - minus the wet part - is horrible! It makes one as horny as ever! Even fapping does not help. However, today is a little different. A little different but I still feel a whole lot frustrated!

I had just finished my field work and my tummy is growling like hell. My initial plan was to go eat at a nearby kopitiam. Mana tahu today it's closed. Dahlah perut lapar. I was already imagining the tasty and yummy toast, coffee and mee siam. I ran in my head my other options. So I chose one western restaurant to have late lunch lah. Then, it happen. The starting point of it all. Nature calls. So, to answer it, I went to the nearby mall. Before I went in, I saw a leng cai coming out of it. Acting all cool. Behind him are two high schoolers laughing while looking at the leng cai and the toilet, sort of waiting for someone to get out. *Will get back to this part later* So, answering the nature calls then, of course while hoping that a hottie will come in =p Who knows my wish was granted! But a little different lah. It's not a hottie. He's a cutie. But not that twink because I think he's in his 30s. He was adjusting his pants at the sink. I looked at him. He looked at me back. I throw in a smile. He does the same. I stick out my tongue and do the licking gesture and he nods :p

He was looking for someone to fuck him. RED FLAG! He's a bottom. I'm not sure which I am but I'm open to both. So maybe I'm a versatile. However, I never fucked anyone before and I still have this mindset that if I ever wanted to lose my fucking and being fucked virginity, I'd really love to do it with someone special and not just anyone. And definitely not a quickie. So we settled with just sucking. His dick is not that wow-licious but I really love his head. His head is as red as ever and it kind of turns me on =p And it helps that he trimmed his bushes. I sucked on it and I got to admit, my technique may not be great. It has been years since I sucked a dick. So maybe he's not that satisfied which in turn he sort of fucked my mouth, pushing his dick deeper but I cannot take it. I gagged and I nearly puked. So I asked him to stop. He did it a couple more times but I just can't. I keep on sucking him until he cums but I never swallow his cum. He pushed my head out just before he cums. End of story and I get myself out of the toilet.

After that, I head to the restaurant for my late lunch and I run in my head the incident because well, there are red flags.

  1. I should have known he's a bottom when he carries with him a bottle of mineral water. Punyalah aku fikir for what reason he carried the bottle this whole time until it struck my head. It's for douching! So slow lah me.
  2. He asked me to fuck him and I don't see a condom. What? He wanted me to fuck him bare? Hell to the no!
  3. Back to the leng cai. I have a strong feeling that they did something in the toilet. Because well, this bottom (macam tak ada nama lain) is adjusting his pants in the toilet after the leng cai left and the two high schoolers is laughing at the leng cai while looking at the toilet to see who comes out. So, they must have heard or seen something. Damn the leng cai was a great catch.
And right now I'm sexually frustrated. Why? Because the bottom refused to repay the deed! Grr ... If I know that it's only him getting to cum, I won't do it. I mean hey, if it's going to be a quickie, why should only you have all the fun? Or is it supposed to be like that? Tuls tolong me!

P.S. How do you guys practice your technique? Sucking or fucking or licking or any kind of sexual acts?

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

One fateful day...

..... he came to my house with a couple of his friends. They were here to discuss something with my father. Maybe something that related to his business. I on the other hand, had a different agenda ......

Smiled at him a little. Flirt with him a little. A little skinship and voila! To the bathroom we go. Had to go quietly because well, parents are in the house.

Once inside, our horniness takes us to the nines! We kissed. We sucked. We licked. From mouth, to neck, nipple, chest, stomach - in short, every parts of our bodies we explore like there's no tomorrow! We had to keep it down a little though I would prefer to go all out on the moan!

I was sucking his nipple *alamak why so small one? I prefer BIG nipple!* while looking down at his package when suddenly ....

"Uwaaaaaaaa ..! Uwaaaaaaa ..!" The crying sound of my nephew wanting a bottle of milk woke me up. Grrr.... That was a dream? A dream?! Urgghhh ..... 

Friday, 8 February 2013

Of Butter Rice and Fried Egg

Here's the thing. My family don't cook for our meals. We rarely cook for our meals unless it's for some special occasion or there are certain requests by some of my family members. Most of the time it will be either mommy (for festive seasons) or yours truly (for those special request) who cook. I'm not a great cook but I'm pretty decent. Though my skills have gone rusty considering I didn't cook that often anymore like I used to. So, we either tapau or eat outside for every meal time.

Last night, no different than any other night, daddy called the warong that's nearby our place to order (they don't do delivery but they do accept order by phone then only we go and pick our order up). Unfortunately, they did not answer the call. 

Daddy: They did not pick up the call lah. You go and cook something lah.
Mommy: What to cook? There's no ingredients in the house. The only ingredients left are eggs and rice!
Daddy: No chilli? No onions?
Mommy: None. I have yet go grocery shopping. 
*Normally we do keep a few essential items in the house. The items are mostly leftovers from our previous cooking session*
Daddy: Hmm...
Mommy: You (yours truly) go and make butter rice and fried eggs. 
Me: ............................

I was so hungry last night because I did not eat proper lunch so I initially detest the idea. I was thinking that I won't be satisfied just by having friend eggs with rice. But considering we have no other options, butter rice and fried eggs then. Oh, I made butter rice because I want to put in a little flavour into the meal. White rice and fried eggs sounds a little blergghhh for me. 

Come dinner time. Took one bite of the food. My face changes. I thought "Damn this is pretty good. I might actually be satisfied with this." True enough. Few minutes later, with just a simple dish and even without proper lunch before, my tummy is a happy tummy for the rest of the night. All thanks to a very simple, bachelor-like dish, that I abhor.

Is there any food that you guys detest having it when you are so hungry and yet so filling and satisfying when you have it? Do tell. I want to know :)

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Pie Comel

Now look at the lower right picture. He's a cutie pie isn't he? :)

Monday, 4 February 2013


I woke up today to a heavy rain poring down outside. No wonder I was sound asleep! I bet with some snores along the way too! =p

So, in getting the mood for today's wet weather, I decided to wear blue to work today. Blue does not just stands for Monday blues. It also stands for Lazy Smurfs! Bwahahahahah...

I head to work and since I'm a Lazy Smurf today, I went out for brunch like super long! Three hours long! Man, that was some hookey! Even my diet is playing hookey! *Actually my diet has been playing hookey for quite some time now .. Teeeheeeee*

Now, I'm sitting at my desk writing a post when in fact I had to finalise a report and give an indication. *Just asked the cute intern to do something for me. He smells nice today.*

Friday, 1 February 2013

Just a whole lot of everything

Say good bye to January and oh hello February! =)

The beginning of February means the beginning of a new skin care regime. My previous ones are lacking at best. It doesn't help me in terms of solving my problems and I'm beginning to feel bored using it because well, it doesn't show any results. So, I whip out my cash and bought a new one. Hopefully this time it works and I'll see how it fares. So far so good. I can see that it works even on the first day itself. I'll try to record the progress weekly and see if there's any difference in a month. I have quite a high expectation for this one as it was recommended by my sister and I have heard good things about it. So, let's hope this one works for me yeah!

The beginning of February also means that I am now into my 3rd year in the working force. Won't really be getting into details in this as I have mentioned it in my previous post.

It is only like 9 days to Chinese New Year and the town is buzzing with people shopping for clothes, food and whatnot. I myself have been munching on the mandarin oranges quite religiously. So, yeay to 5 servings of fruits! Very healthy and rich in Vitamin C too! =p It also means I'll be feasting my eyes with all those leng cais! Oohh speaking of leng cai, I saw a leng cai with quite a nice built, wearing shorts. He doesn't really have the biceps and whatnot but his thighs and legs are soooo yummylicious! They are waxed and hard and just drools .... Oh and he has quite a nice looking armpit hair too =p *Get into my room to do service to myself while imagining him servicing me ...*

Ok dah habis .........