Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Okay people! He's a bi! Now please continue your sexual fantasy with him =)

Monday, 23 September 2013


Well, well, well ... Last weekend was such a blast. I had an impromptu plan to meet up with friends who came down south to attend another friend's wedding which I may have forgotten. The invite is through facebook and I don't know I always have this sentiment that if someone invites you to a wedding through facebook, it's not a sincere invite. Like hot hot chicken shit like that. And also I somehow determined that I won't go to any wedding or reunion with friends, not until I managed to lose my weight, which is rather unsuccessful. Needless to say the wedding this time, gave me joy and happiness and memories while taught me a thing or two.

It seems to me that I always look down on myself when in fact I am a greatest creation of God and my beloveds - family and close friends - does not have any problems with me being me - minus the part where I like guys. To them I am one very cherished friend and a good or even great son and brother at that. I need to learn and tell myself to love me more. Because how can I expect others to love me if I don't love myself first.

Living in a small town, separated from my closest friends made me appreciate all the time I can spend with them. Like last weekend, even though the time we spent together is short, but it was a cherished and memorable one at that that made me love them more and more.

I also learnt not to question the sincerity of the invites even though it was through facebook. My friend was thrilled that I attended her wedding and to me that is like nail to the head that I should not question the sincerity of the invites. Also, I need to start attending my friend's weddings. To those that I have missed (believe me there are lots) I'm sorry for practising this stupid policy of mine. If I can make it up to you, I shall. Though I don't think they ever read my blog. Hehehehe

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Can I just rant? I need to rant. I need to let off some steam.

It's just really not my day today.  I had a very bored long weekend and when I woke up this morning, I had hope today will be a smooth sailing without any confrontations or worries at all. Turns up it was everything but.

Came to the office and found out that the draftperson is on medical leave. I have two urgent reports need to be completed by the end of today and the boss sent a text saying I have to find ways for me to finish the report. As much as I believe that I am pretty much skillful in my job, drawing a plan using Autocad is not really my forte. In fact, I believe none of my seniors knew how to use Autocad. So, alternatively the clerk was once in charged of the plan and so I asked for her help. Let's just say in short, she's very much reluctant and though she did help me draw it in the end but it was not without making spiteful comments. What spiteful comments? When did you hand in the report to the draftperson? You should handed it earlier so that she can do it earlier. *Hello! I sent it on Friday afternoon if my memory serves me right. So, she could have done it but nah..! Her printer is out of ink and I have no idea whether she used refill ink or a new inkjet. How to print? *Are you that dumb? Your computer has Autocad installed in it. Why can't you use YOUR computer and YOUR printer? My printer is very sensitive. If there's anything wrong after I printed it, you'll take responsibility. Deal? *Oh! Now we can only use our own laptop and printer is it? Speaking of that, where is my old printer that magically disappear after I sent it for repairs? I know you took it from the repair person considering it has your signature on the release paper. Is it at your home? Same as when you took my wireless mouse bought using office money. 

And then a senior valuer gave an indication in the area in which I am in charge. Hello! I can do my own job thank you very much. This is the second time he took away my job. What, just because you are a senior you can simply do anything is it?


I know I should count my luck considering I am not working in a company where your boss can simply scold you in public, which for the record I simply hate it because it's just plain rude and disrespectful. If you have anything to say to me, please say it to me myself and in private.

And now I am just feeling low. Too low in fact. I guess in this office of mine I had to learn how to do everything myself so that if something like this happened again, I can take charge myself and not subject myself to all these spiteful and irritating comments.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Obviously I have nothing to write

Can your preference be changed?

I mean before this I really hate my back hair, chest hair, tummy hair, pubic hair ad erm basically every hair on my body except the hair on my head.

I still hate my back hair.

But I come to love my body hair.

Looking at men with body hair turns me on. Big time.

So, is it normal?

Heck, even if it is not, I'm in love with me-self.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Once I gave so much for someone who just treats me as an option. Now I realise no matter how much I gave to anyone, I always go back to this certain someone. A certain someone who has been there for me in my highs and lows. Someone who has seen my tears and my fears. Someone who has always accept me for what I am (except for that one part though. That's a secret until he finds it on his own). Someone who I think knows much about me but rather keep it low in respect of me. Someone who has been my pillar of support outside of family. Someone whose wisdom I appreciate greatly. Someone, who is now, I am missing greatly. I long for a nice cuppa with a nice meal at a nice setting, just us relaxing, chatting, chilling. I need to do that, as soon as he landed in Malaysia (which unfortunately might be next year considering he already maxed out his annual leave).

I miss you dear friend.


Gosh! He is absolutely cute and OMG his skin is like so fair and so flawless and his body is just nice to hug and oh things I would do to him if I get him ...

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Life is too fragile

I have been meaning to write this post ever since I heard about it but my work load kept putting me off till now. This post is a dedication to an acquaintance that I never had the chance to know him better. Let's start on how I knew him first.

When I was in college, I live in the provided hostel. So many students from different programs being put together but the hostel admin still group us according to our program i.e. students from the same program will live together in the same room. I was at at that time under the south hemisphere program and I was quite shy and reserved at that time. I don't really mingle much with others from my program let alone other programs. I have my own small but close gang. However, I wasn't really like shy like don't talk to others at all. I mean sometimes we have a chat but that's just about it. It was here that I met this acquaintance.

Being in the same hostel it is normal if we bump into students from different program and this particular student caught my eyes. Well he caught my eyes firstly because he's a cutie. *smiling ear to ear* He's from a different hostel block and though I wasn't sure which program he was in, I was absolutely sure he's not from my program. Trust me, I'd notice if there's someone that cute in my program. There's something special about this guy. Something that made me more attracted to him. He always smiles at me whenever I bump into him. Not many people did that. And now that I think about it, he's the only one who ever did that. He always smile and not in the plastic way. It was a genuine, friendly, sunny, warmth smile. No matter whether he's tired or not, he always smiles. Sometimes I'd bump into him when he's just finished class or playing basketball or jog, he's tired, we all do if we had just did that, but he never failed to give me a smile or a quick hello whenever we cross our paths. But that's just it. It never manifest into a conversation, never once did we introduce ourselves to each other. This goes on for over a year. Until ....

I was on my way out to buy my lunch. I saw him sitting at the basketball court alone with his bag and from the way he dressed, I figured he just came back from the college. At first, when our eyes met, as usual, we just smile to each other. But something came over me that time. I thought "You know what I'm going to get to know his name." I made a u-turn and joined him at the court and I can still remember my first words to him. "Hey, we have been going on like this for a year. We bump into each other and we smile to each other but we never know each others name. My name is ****. What's yours?"

"Oh hi! My name is MG."

That's how we officially met. That's the very first time after a year being two strangers giving each other a smile, we became an acquaintance. It wasn't a long conversation. It's more like a small chat of where he came from, which program he's in and things like that. Then, we had our good byes and we go along our merry way.

I never really did managed to keep in touch with him after I moved on to my next stage of my studies until 2009, if I'm not mistaken. I randomly typed his name on facebook and managed to get a hit and there he was. I sent for a friend request but he never approves it till now. And it just ends there, until a few days ago.

A few days ago, a friend posted a status of farewell and RIP to a man named M and it striked me whether this is the same M that I knew. I did a little digging and to my shock, it was. It's the same guy. Somehow, without me knowing, I was overwhelmed with this feeling of sadness and grief. It was weird. We never know each other but his passing just overwhelmed me. Turns out he passed away due to a post operation complication.

Since then on, some of his friends have been commenting on the status on what kind a person he is. His best buddy even dedicated a post at his blog to him. From there, I managed to know just how wonderful and kind and inspiring this young man is. If only I knew him better. If only when I sent for the friend request, I slipped on a message saying that "Hey! It's me! The guy from college that you always give a smile when we cross our paths." Maybe then, we can rekindle the acquaintance-ship and changed it into friendship. Now, it's too late.

Dearest MG,
It was amazing how a stranger's smiles, heaps them, for over a year for every time we bump into each other can leave such deep memories in me. May you rest in peace MG and may God bless your soul. I shall never forget that smile of yours that were always filled with warmth, kindness and friendliness.


Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Fall From Grace

Yesterday was very eventful. Too many things happened that I think 'people up there' are really pissed off with me.
  1. I was down with fever, cold and sore throat because I became a durian glutton the night before. Guess I did not take enough water to balance the heat of all the durians that I ate.
  2. My car broke down again! It made some strange sounds when I accelerate and kept termati-mati secara tiba-tiba. Check the coolant. It was low, well very low exactly but there was no indication that the engine was overheated. Or maybe I'm such a car bimbo that I didn't notice anything strange. Hmm...
  3. Witnessing first hand how love that can be so pure and warm turns to be so destructive and ridiculous and plain stupid. 
In conclusion, yesterday was totally not my day!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Tiada Tajuk

Today is going to be a slow pace day. I'm at work now but I'm still idling - do a little bit of work then surf the net and now I found myself writing a post. Going to do a little shopping later on. Thinking of taking advantage of the massive discounts now that Raya is approaching. I already bought four pairs of denim that I managed to get at the bazaar. Yeah, it's a knock off but it's a cheap knock off and it looks pretty good too. The seller said that they hail from Siam and it's a much better, more quality than the ones hailed from Hong Kong but what do I know. This is my first time buying a knock off at a bazaar. Hehehehe. If the seller wanted to lie to me he could considering I'm a noob.

Now, where were we ..... Oh! The shopping!

I'm thinking of buying a few pairs of tees and maybe shirts as well. See whether got my size or not.

And now I have no idea what to write anymore. Hohohoho ....

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Houston, we have a problem! Birdy's hangar is left open!

I'm not sure whether to feel very embarrassed or just to laugh at myself.

I went home during lunch hour to take a nap. Feeling so tired and sluggish. Thought of washing my car then head home but since it was raining a little, there's no point of me to wash the car. So, I went straight home.

What was planned to be at most 30 minutes nap turns to be a freaking 1 hour of sleep! Luckily my mother woke me up or else I'm pretty sure I'll be skipping my afternoon work! I quickly get dressed and with my baru bangun tidur eyes and state of mind, speed away to the office but it was not before I made a call to a friend asking for a favour.

I reached the office (managed to curse at someone for stealing my parking spot before that too. Curse him!), do a little bit of work, have a discussion with the boss and then my friend called me telling me that the favour is ready.

Immediately, I drove to her office (yeah, it's a she) to get the thing. Upon reaching that place, I saw that she's with her daughter and her daughter is smiling (or was it laughing?) rather devilishly. Received the item and when I said thank you, she made a comment of something blue that I did not quite catch and then she and my friend was laughing like mad. I was left with confusion on what was the joke about.

Before returning to the office, I made a quick stop at a convenience store to buy a cushion and when I returned to my car, only then I realised something. To my absolute horror, my fly was open! It was open freaking wide and guess what, I'm wearing a freaking blue underwear! Gah! Only then the something blue comment made sense! I was laughing and feeling embarrassed at the same time! Imagined me meeting my friend at her office and she has a front view of my crotch!

*facepalm moments*

What would you guys do if you see someone's fly is open? Do you keep it quiet or tell him about it or you guys just enjoy the view?

P.S. Luckily I did not have a hard on at that time!

Monday, 29 July 2013


The weekend has been rather uneventful and boring I'd say. I was working on Saturday and needed to go to a site for an inspection. Lucky for me the client is passable-y cute but he's with his wife. Touché. Though even if he's not with his wife, I won't want to risk my professionalism over a few flirts.

Later that evening, I went to look at the house I won through auction. It's actually my dad who used my name to bought it. So, no major property ownership for me, yet. Anyway, the house look rather trashy and dusty and ...... yeah just trashy and dusty. It's going to need a new coat of paint and maybe a little repairs here and there. Oh did I also mentioned that the weather during that time was fucking hot? I felt like I'm going to die out of heat!

On Sunday nothing happened except that I went for a facial. Got to spend the discounted voucher before it expires. And God my face was a mess! Got many of those "biji-biji" that the beautician managed to dig out. I think that was the most "biji-biji" I have ever seen on my face being dig out. Nearly filled the entire cotton pad! Guess more facials needed but I have to sort out my budget first. Just bought some of their beauty supplements and my wallet is crying. Let's hope this time it works.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The best entertainment ever!

The best entertainment when you have nothing to do in the office and you are bored?

1. Porn? *well that would be interesting but cannot. NSFW!*
2. Youtube *true. but not really the best*
3. Facebook *it's getting pretty bored there now*

drum rolls pleaseeeeeeeee .........

4. Reading K-Pop fans comments on allkpop.com and see all the antis and fans fight. Damn serious man! I wonder whether the celebrities really appreciate the fan as much as the fans would like the celebrities to appreciate them? Maybe the celebrities will just say "Fark it! I'll just smile, laugh, do a little fan service and they'll love me forever! Nothing to care about them. Nope." Or maybe they do appreciate their fans. Who knows. We never know them that well. I mean just because they were in some shows, some fans think that they know their celebrities like they have known them for years.

Now, time to indulge in more fans fights!

P.S. Yes, I have nothing better to do ....

Rolling In The Deep


Throwback Thursday

Normally people would associate Thursday as Throwback Thursday right? Or was it Tuesday? Ugh. Never mind. For the purpose of this writing it will be Throwback Thursday.

How long have you know that you are gay?

As for me, I might be born with it. I remember when I was a kid there was this Chinese family that lives across the street and somehow I have a crush with their son. I can't really remember what the son's face looks like but I always imagining lying on top of him, playing while he would be heavily sweating. Somehow I like him all sweaty.

Then came primary school. In my class there is this cute lad and I remember his face vaguely. Perhaps need to ransack my past primary school class photo to see how his face looks like. He's cute and I always like him getting all sweaty. So somehow I always like to partner with him when me and my classmates go out to play.

Of course at that time I knew nothing about gay stuffs and all. What would you call it? Curiosity period? A little too early for anyone to become curious tak gitu? Hmm ....

Thursday, 27 June 2013

A day being me

A day in the office becomes so much slower when my headset died on me at noon. Been contemplating on whether to splurge on a wireless headset that would definitely cost me a bomb or just settle on traditional, wired headset. In my heart the wireless is winning the war but my brain is championing the wired ones. So, we'll see which of them won the battle when I walked into the IT store later today. It's hard without the headset. I can't listen to my music nor can I watch my Youtube porn videos as well as any dramas or movies. Yes, I am a procrastinator multitasker, although I am not very good at it. Tend to berat sebelah on the non-work side of the quantum scale. But I've been trying to rectify it, to a little bit of success.

This morning when I went to a client's house for work, I notice some interesting deco. This particular client is an interracial couple. So, in the porch, there's one big (at least for a house) Hindu temple and decorated with tanglung and the red kain normally Chinese people would gantung at the ceiling. Somehow, I found it rather interesting. Made me remember an article by a writer where the funeral of a Baba Nyonya descendent will be made in Chinese rituals but the settings would be Malay. Like the mourning would be in Malay language and the service is done in Malay language. Very interesting.

Saturday, 22 June 2013


Okay. Not so much of a dilemma. Maybe it is. Maybe it's not. I don't know. At least to me it is.

You know how for hygiene purposes you should trim/ shave your hair (Read: armpit and pubic) and frankly speaking, personally, I like to be hairless, like really hairless on every part of my body. However, my genes doesn't bless my with a hairless body. I end up with having armpits, pubic, chest, tummy, shoulders, back, legs and thighs hair. Oh also my butt and my hole too (the horror of that). I can shave my armpits and pubic hair but then because of my perfectionist trait, I hate to think that I'd be hairless on my armpits and pubic but 'fertilized' on every other part of my body. Just doesn't seem to be appetizing to me. Waxing is the perfect way for me (at least that I can think of anyway) but because I have body image issues, I really don't want to go to a waxing salon, naked and getting a wax.

So, the dilemma is, should I just let things grow without any interference or should I just shaved parts that I can shave or I should just get over my body image issues and get a wax?

P.S. I really, absolutely hate my shoulders and back hair!
P.P.S. Interestingly enough, I kind of have a fetish of hairy men. Hmmmm ...

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Please wait a moment while I clean all the cobs and dust in this blog


Okay done!

I got nothing to write really. But this morning I guess there's something tat is worth mentioning. 

So, there is this hot, cute (insert job description) that I have been eyeing for so long ever since we met to chat about work. His smile, his complexion, his built ...... (checking to see whether I'm already wet). I always wonder what his nipples, armpit and dick looks like and I thought well it will always be a wonder. But today, one item was checked off from the list :)

He was wearing a sheer pink shirt to work and we bumped into each other when I was going out. He stopped in his tracks and we just have a small chat and then my eyes caught something. The shirt is pretty sheer that I can see his nipple. And boy it was not a disappointment! I always love men who have big nipples. Like oh-my-god-it-is-a-major-turn-on-factor! And three guesses what his nipples look like ....

YES! They are one, big, giant (okay not so giant but you get my point) nipples! Totally made my day. And now please excuse me while I went to the bathroom for a while. Actually, for a LOT while!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Sexual Fantasy

Oh yess!




Yesss! Moreee!!



Oh. My. God!! Oh. My. God!!

You're so big!!


Deeper! Faster!

Ahhh ...!!


I'm cummiiinnnggggggggggggggggg!!!!

Unnfff! Hmmpphhh!

*heavy panting*

At least that's what I imagined when I fap to him

fucking him ..

Damn! I think I need to fap to them again!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Bluetooth Headset

So, yesterday I bought this

At first I was extremely happy about it. I mean now I can talk while my hands are free to do anything (insert your imagination here). However, after I had pay for it, I just suddenly realised that I can only wear it while wearing this. 

Meaning that I can clip it on the buttons/ shirt opening. 

However, if I am wearing this

where on earth am I going to clip it? On the neck? Very the unglam.

Maybe I should have bought this instead

No clip, no wire and you can wear it with any types of clothing and you'll still look ok with it. But, I don't like it in the sense that it will be stuck in my ear all day. I'm not sure whether I'll be comfortable. 


Should I buy a new one like the above? Or stick to my current ones?

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Nippling Question

Can somebody tell me how on earth his nipple be that long!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

How to have sex!!!

Wow! It has really been a long time since I wrote anything here. Most of the time it was either:-

  1. I was too busy
  2. I was too lazy
  3. I want to write something but I don't know what/ how to write (blogger's block)
But today I have a very sort of like interesting but a naughty thinking *or so she said*

I was at a site visit of a double storey low cost house. This particular house's design was different than others as in it has three bedrooms instead of normally two bedrooms. But the built up was the same with other low cost houses which in effect making the bedrooms so small. Like really small. The master bedroom could barely fit a queen size bed and a wardrobe and that would took the whole room, which explains why there are no bed at the first place. Which makes me thinking. How the hell they (the owner whom are a couple) have sex? I mean do they do it on the floor, or in the kitchen or in the hall? They have two kids mind you. Won't the children hear the moans and screams and whatnot? Or maybe they learn how to stay quiet through out the whole process. But like that very potong stim woo. Cannot make sound. Very the potong stim, if me lah :)

And that's the end of the story. Now, I shall leave you all hanging to dear life with this cutie's kiss ...

I am melting and melting and melting and melting ....... *drooling like hell*

Sunday, 7 April 2013

I tried to suppress but I got boomed instead .....

So, I was horny this morning. And still am. While I am trying to suppress it, apparently browsing the net is not helping. Because I found these .....

*Photos credited to Haruehu Airry at http://haruehun.blogspot.com*

I mean seriously, Jason Chee's like a Greek God! Greek God of Gay Sex!! And OMG his pubes! Things I'd do to it and ALL of his body!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I'm tired.

My back ache so, so, so much.

If only I can go for a spa and massage and facial. Now that would totally make me happy.

But there's no spa and massage place that caters for men here.

Limited food and beauty options makes me, right now, a very tired, lethargic and grumpy person.

Or maybe it was the bad eating habits and bad digestion. I don't know. Something is wrong with my body and I have no freaking idea why. I throw up the other night without any reason at all.
One minute I feel fine and the other my throat just feel like throwing up. Then it happened.

My friend told me to eat Jamu Mak Dara. Hmm ... I might actually do that. There is one herbal drink that I find very effective in solving my back ache problem. I consumed it once when I had a back ache before and it miraculously healed throughout the night! Think I'll buy it after work.

And wow. It's already 5 p.m. Time to go. Bye!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

One lucky day for a little slut ... sorta

So, two times having a sexual dream - minus the wet part - is horrible! It makes one as horny as ever! Even fapping does not help. However, today is a little different. A little different but I still feel a whole lot frustrated!

I had just finished my field work and my tummy is growling like hell. My initial plan was to go eat at a nearby kopitiam. Mana tahu today it's closed. Dahlah perut lapar. I was already imagining the tasty and yummy toast, coffee and mee siam. I ran in my head my other options. So I chose one western restaurant to have late lunch lah. Then, it happen. The starting point of it all. Nature calls. So, to answer it, I went to the nearby mall. Before I went in, I saw a leng cai coming out of it. Acting all cool. Behind him are two high schoolers laughing while looking at the leng cai and the toilet, sort of waiting for someone to get out. *Will get back to this part later* So, answering the nature calls then, of course while hoping that a hottie will come in =p Who knows my wish was granted! But a little different lah. It's not a hottie. He's a cutie. But not that twink because I think he's in his 30s. He was adjusting his pants at the sink. I looked at him. He looked at me back. I throw in a smile. He does the same. I stick out my tongue and do the licking gesture and he nods :p

He was looking for someone to fuck him. RED FLAG! He's a bottom. I'm not sure which I am but I'm open to both. So maybe I'm a versatile. However, I never fucked anyone before and I still have this mindset that if I ever wanted to lose my fucking and being fucked virginity, I'd really love to do it with someone special and not just anyone. And definitely not a quickie. So we settled with just sucking. His dick is not that wow-licious but I really love his head. His head is as red as ever and it kind of turns me on =p And it helps that he trimmed his bushes. I sucked on it and I got to admit, my technique may not be great. It has been years since I sucked a dick. So maybe he's not that satisfied which in turn he sort of fucked my mouth, pushing his dick deeper but I cannot take it. I gagged and I nearly puked. So I asked him to stop. He did it a couple more times but I just can't. I keep on sucking him until he cums but I never swallow his cum. He pushed my head out just before he cums. End of story and I get myself out of the toilet.

After that, I head to the restaurant for my late lunch and I run in my head the incident because well, there are red flags.

  1. I should have known he's a bottom when he carries with him a bottle of mineral water. Punyalah aku fikir for what reason he carried the bottle this whole time until it struck my head. It's for douching! So slow lah me.
  2. He asked me to fuck him and I don't see a condom. What? He wanted me to fuck him bare? Hell to the no!
  3. Back to the leng cai. I have a strong feeling that they did something in the toilet. Because well, this bottom (macam tak ada nama lain) is adjusting his pants in the toilet after the leng cai left and the two high schoolers is laughing at the leng cai while looking at the toilet to see who comes out. So, they must have heard or seen something. Damn the leng cai was a great catch.
And right now I'm sexually frustrated. Why? Because the bottom refused to repay the deed! Grr ... If I know that it's only him getting to cum, I won't do it. I mean hey, if it's going to be a quickie, why should only you have all the fun? Or is it supposed to be like that? Tuls tolong me!

P.S. How do you guys practice your technique? Sucking or fucking or licking or any kind of sexual acts?

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

One fateful day...

..... he came to my house with a couple of his friends. They were here to discuss something with my father. Maybe something that related to his business. I on the other hand, had a different agenda ......

Smiled at him a little. Flirt with him a little. A little skinship and voila! To the bathroom we go. Had to go quietly because well, parents are in the house.

Once inside, our horniness takes us to the nines! We kissed. We sucked. We licked. From mouth, to neck, nipple, chest, stomach - in short, every parts of our bodies we explore like there's no tomorrow! We had to keep it down a little though I would prefer to go all out on the moan!

I was sucking his nipple *alamak why so small one? I prefer BIG nipple!* while looking down at his package when suddenly ....

"Uwaaaaaaaa ..! Uwaaaaaaa ..!" The crying sound of my nephew wanting a bottle of milk woke me up. Grrr.... That was a dream? A dream?! Urgghhh ..... 

Friday, 8 February 2013

Of Butter Rice and Fried Egg

Here's the thing. My family don't cook for our meals. We rarely cook for our meals unless it's for some special occasion or there are certain requests by some of my family members. Most of the time it will be either mommy (for festive seasons) or yours truly (for those special request) who cook. I'm not a great cook but I'm pretty decent. Though my skills have gone rusty considering I didn't cook that often anymore like I used to. So, we either tapau or eat outside for every meal time.

Last night, no different than any other night, daddy called the warong that's nearby our place to order (they don't do delivery but they do accept order by phone then only we go and pick our order up). Unfortunately, they did not answer the call. 

Daddy: They did not pick up the call lah. You go and cook something lah.
Mommy: What to cook? There's no ingredients in the house. The only ingredients left are eggs and rice!
Daddy: No chilli? No onions?
Mommy: None. I have yet go grocery shopping. 
*Normally we do keep a few essential items in the house. The items are mostly leftovers from our previous cooking session*
Daddy: Hmm...
Mommy: You (yours truly) go and make butter rice and fried eggs. 
Me: ............................

I was so hungry last night because I did not eat proper lunch so I initially detest the idea. I was thinking that I won't be satisfied just by having friend eggs with rice. But considering we have no other options, butter rice and fried eggs then. Oh, I made butter rice because I want to put in a little flavour into the meal. White rice and fried eggs sounds a little blergghhh for me. 

Come dinner time. Took one bite of the food. My face changes. I thought "Damn this is pretty good. I might actually be satisfied with this." True enough. Few minutes later, with just a simple dish and even without proper lunch before, my tummy is a happy tummy for the rest of the night. All thanks to a very simple, bachelor-like dish, that I abhor.

Is there any food that you guys detest having it when you are so hungry and yet so filling and satisfying when you have it? Do tell. I want to know :)

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Pie Comel

Now look at the lower right picture. He's a cutie pie isn't he? :)

Monday, 4 February 2013


I woke up today to a heavy rain poring down outside. No wonder I was sound asleep! I bet with some snores along the way too! =p

So, in getting the mood for today's wet weather, I decided to wear blue to work today. Blue does not just stands for Monday blues. It also stands for Lazy Smurfs! Bwahahahahah...

I head to work and since I'm a Lazy Smurf today, I went out for brunch like super long! Three hours long! Man, that was some hookey! Even my diet is playing hookey! *Actually my diet has been playing hookey for quite some time now .. Teeeheeeee*

Now, I'm sitting at my desk writing a post when in fact I had to finalise a report and give an indication. *Just asked the cute intern to do something for me. He smells nice today.*

Friday, 1 February 2013

Just a whole lot of everything

Say good bye to January and oh hello February! =)

The beginning of February means the beginning of a new skin care regime. My previous ones are lacking at best. It doesn't help me in terms of solving my problems and I'm beginning to feel bored using it because well, it doesn't show any results. So, I whip out my cash and bought a new one. Hopefully this time it works and I'll see how it fares. So far so good. I can see that it works even on the first day itself. I'll try to record the progress weekly and see if there's any difference in a month. I have quite a high expectation for this one as it was recommended by my sister and I have heard good things about it. So, let's hope this one works for me yeah!

The beginning of February also means that I am now into my 3rd year in the working force. Won't really be getting into details in this as I have mentioned it in my previous post.

It is only like 9 days to Chinese New Year and the town is buzzing with people shopping for clothes, food and whatnot. I myself have been munching on the mandarin oranges quite religiously. So, yeay to 5 servings of fruits! Very healthy and rich in Vitamin C too! =p It also means I'll be feasting my eyes with all those leng cais! Oohh speaking of leng cai, I saw a leng cai with quite a nice built, wearing shorts. He doesn't really have the biceps and whatnot but his thighs and legs are soooo yummylicious! They are waxed and hard and just drools .... Oh and he has quite a nice looking armpit hair too =p *Get into my room to do service to myself while imagining him servicing me ...*

Ok dah habis .........

Wednesday, 30 January 2013


The sun is shining. The sky is blue. The wind is breezing. It all sounds perfect right. Sounds ever so nice and peaceful. I've seen my fair share of such days. Today is very much .......... UNFORTUNATELY NOT!

It is so freaking hot that I need to take a shower when I had my lunch break. The good thing when you are working at a small town - your house is like 5 - 10 minutes away =) Hence the regular afternoon shower =)

All this heat is not good for me because 1) It dehydrates me 2) It makes me feels lethargic 3) It makes me feel like I stinks! *Ooohh cute skinny boy across my office pulls up his tee and shows his undies* 4) My body is feeling so sticky with all the sweats!

On a side note, which do you think is better; bring your own water from home to work or buy a box of 12 bottles of mineral water?

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Plastic Surgery

What are your guys thoughts on plastic surgery? Would you, in the name of beauty, do procedures to change  your looks?


I need to remind myself to keep my temper in check. 

I need to remind myself to keep calm in every situation.

I need to remind myself to think beforehand before doing something. 

I need to remind myself to think twice before saying anything, especially anything bad.


Anything that comes out of your mouth comes from two places - brain and heart. The challenge is to use which one. 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Of work and .... just work

I'm not sure what went wrong.

I am entering my 3rd year in the working force and yet it seems like I've yet to make any tremendous progress at all. I'm not saying that I don't know how to do my work. I DO know how to do my work. Most of the technical aspects of it that is within the scope of my company anyway.

However, it seems there is something wrong with the indication that I gave. I mean I gave indications to many banks and yet only a little of them came back to me. That is one way for me to increase my case loads and ultimately increase my commissions. The other way is, well get connected with bank officers (Read: networking) and get cases from the directly.

As I mention before, I sucks at my networking skills but I am trying to improve it. First step? Treat the officers that I know. Make connections. Relationships if the officer is cute/ hunky/ hot. Second step? Err... Still working on that :)

My concern is when just little of my indications came back to me. It could point out a whole lot of things. Like maybe my indications is too low. I can't really help it. I need to check with the current conditions and my company seems to be conservative enough. I've seen my fair share of bold companies giving high, and sometimes absurd indications. Or maybe as previous statement, competing companies gave a much higher indications and mind you, banks do love high indications. Or maybe it was due to the regulations that was imposed on banks early last year. But there are signs that shows we are recovering from that crisis as what had been told to me by my senior colleague. which is interesting really because my senior colleagues seems to have much more case loads than I am. Hmmm...

I am perplexed. I want to rectify this but I need to know what went wrong. I mean what's the reason that my indications did not came back to me. Hmm... A SWOT evaluation is in order perhaps?

Saturday, 19 January 2013


I am having a hell of an imagination with the photo on the poster *drools*yummy*need to get into a room ASAP*do me!!!*

Friday, 18 January 2013

It seems llike I missed a lot of bloggers update while I was on hiatus ehh...

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Financial vs Beauty - Which way to choose?

I was doing some calculations just now. Turns out there's too many wants and it seems like my pay can't cover it all.

In a nutshell, after calculating all of my expenses which includes my needs and wants, I am short of RM 100. It seems little. I mean I can tweak here, tweak there a little bit and I can make do. However, what bugs me is that it is going to leave me no flexibility.

The major items that are going to increase my financial planning is going to be my loan and a beauty supplement that is supposed to help me become fairer. I'm vain. We've established that, so let's move on. I am not having second thought about my loan because the purpose of the loan is for my savings, so I'll just let it sit in the bank and watch it grow. The thing that gives me second thought is the beauty supplement. 

If I succumb to my want and buy that supplement, of course there could be the possibility that I can become fairer than I am now. But what good is fair skin if I can't buy things that's impulsive like clothes or food or something like that? What good is fair skin if I can't do my other beauty rituals like going for facials or waxing (that is in the plan for this year) or hair cut or hair treatment? What good is fair skin if I can't lavish my nephew once in a while with toys, clothes or food? 

So, basically there're two options that I can go with.

1. Forego the beauty supplement. This way I can have extra RM 320 in hand that I can use it for anything that I want.

2. Buy 1 pack of the supplement instead of 2. This is more like a compromise. I mean I still buy it and reap in the supposed benefits, but I maybe going to see improvements slower instead of consuming it as per suggestions. So, that lefts me with RM 110 in hand. 

My heart is saying just go buy the supplement without thinking of the consequences and my brain is telling me to stop and think. Think which options I am going to take. I am sort of like equally inclined to both options. Option 1 because of the money and Option 2 is because of the supplement and money (though lesser money than Option 1). 

*sigh* Why does beauty have to be so expensive. *punch walls*

Or maybe I should just accept my skin colour? Because that would solve a whole lot of problem. Maybe not whole lot. Just this problem. 

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Just when I am down and feeling dejected, this video miraculously showed up in my youtube ...

Wash away your fears. Be fearless!

Thursday, 10 January 2013


I was stalking someone on facebook and somehow the comments spurred something in me.

Just a random question: Can you find a friend - not an acquaintance or colleague or etc -  at work?

I mean here at my workplace, there are 6 of us not including my boss. 3 males and 3 females. I don't reallay have any issues with my male counterparts, partly because one of them is pretty quiet at the office and the other one, well we are not really that friendly but we are on good terms, at least for now.

The females on the other hand are let's just say a pain in the ass. I have a two face, a whore and a fence sitter. That two face will only be close to me if she has an agenda. I think cannot call her two face lah. Have to call her multiple face! Want to slap also don't know which face to slap first. That whore, well, she's a whore. Always complaint here, complaint there. Once she even tried to outdo me as one of the officers in the office. Her position is lower than me for the record. She at times pretended like she's the boss of the company. The fence sitter, well no need to talk about her lah. She's a fence sitter maaa. She goes to which she thinks benefits her the most.

Me on the other hand, I really don't want to be involved in their games (because I believed that I am of much higher class, lols!) I mean why make them an issue when they are not matters in my life. But it gets lonely in the workplace without any one to talk to. No one to bitch around. No one to have fun with. *sigh*

They say make connections. Build your network if you want to succeed in your career. But I really don't know how to do lah. Some said just go to their office and have a talk lah. Can you do that? I mean just crash someone's office and have a chat with them? Won't I be disturbing their work? I somehow at a loss how to build my network. Not helping when you are considered as young and the others are older than me. *sigh*

Back to that facebook comment. It seems like that person is on good terms with that person's office mates. I mean they can bitch together, go out together and do stuffs other than work together. I really, really wish I can have that kind of relationship with my work mates.

Or maybe because that person and I have a different type of workplace. Mine is small. That person is big. Mine is like the company haven't hired anyone before me like for a very long time. So, these people in my office are together for so long!


I think this is the end of my ranting. For now at least.

Bad luck much?

Bad luck much?

9 days into the New Year and my car went kaput on me yesterday! Grrrr....

I've been noticing strange sounds coming from the engine like a few weeks ago but because it is so near to the service date, I thought it's just a sign. So, I thought I'll just wait for it to reach 10,000 kilometers then I'll sent it off to a service centre. Who knows yesterday the car jerk itself in the middle of the road and then refused to move! Grrr... Luckily after I switched off the air cond, it moves though I can tell that it's hard. Ngam-ngam I reached home, the car straight away went kaput! Can start but it won't move. *sigh*

Nasib baik I have two family cars that I can pinjam for a while. But it needs some getting use to it though. It's not that big but since I'm used to drive a compact car, driving a sedan seems to be a challenged for me. Cannot lipat easily like before and curse those parallel parking! Arrgghhh! I'm sucked at that!

My $$$ go terbang already. Just when I thought I'm going to save money to change the radio and rims as well as having it repainted. tsk tsk tsk.....

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

I'm a gay.

I love men.

And I love dick. 

And I get turned on by my neighbour's son in law yesterday. 

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

nEw YeAr

Happy New Year guys!

I know I know. The greeting is one day basi already. But hey, better now than never kan!

I'm jumping on the wagon where you mentioned what 2012 had taught me. Or more like what was it like in 2012. In short, remember when I said that my life has been so stagnant that it had become so bored leading this life, I guess every time I whined about it, people up there heard it loud and clear. They gave me a hell of a roller coaster ride nearing the end of 2012. There were tears, cries, angry, stress, tension, depressed, exhausted - basically all ups and downs that you can think of, I experienced it in the last 3 months of 2012.

I started 2013 with some good local food. Asam Pedas Mak Limah in Batu Pahat. Damn it was absolutely yummy! And now I just found out that Baskin Robins is going to open here at my place! So, for the moment, I think 2013 will be good for me. I hope that 2013 will bring health, wealth, happiness, joy, heaps of luck, beauty - in short all the good things that one can hope for :)

Here's to 2013 and I pray that this year bring all that is good and great and positive to you guys out there!