Wednesday, 30 January 2013


The sun is shining. The sky is blue. The wind is breezing. It all sounds perfect right. Sounds ever so nice and peaceful. I've seen my fair share of such days. Today is very much .......... UNFORTUNATELY NOT!

It is so freaking hot that I need to take a shower when I had my lunch break. The good thing when you are working at a small town - your house is like 5 - 10 minutes away =) Hence the regular afternoon shower =)

All this heat is not good for me because 1) It dehydrates me 2) It makes me feels lethargic 3) It makes me feel like I stinks! *Ooohh cute skinny boy across my office pulls up his tee and shows his undies* 4) My body is feeling so sticky with all the sweats!

On a side note, which do you think is better; bring your own water from home to work or buy a box of 12 bottles of mineral water?

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Plastic Surgery

What are your guys thoughts on plastic surgery? Would you, in the name of beauty, do procedures to change  your looks?


I need to remind myself to keep my temper in check. 

I need to remind myself to keep calm in every situation.

I need to remind myself to think beforehand before doing something. 

I need to remind myself to think twice before saying anything, especially anything bad.


Anything that comes out of your mouth comes from two places - brain and heart. The challenge is to use which one. 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Of work and .... just work

I'm not sure what went wrong.

I am entering my 3rd year in the working force and yet it seems like I've yet to make any tremendous progress at all. I'm not saying that I don't know how to do my work. I DO know how to do my work. Most of the technical aspects of it that is within the scope of my company anyway.

However, it seems there is something wrong with the indication that I gave. I mean I gave indications to many banks and yet only a little of them came back to me. That is one way for me to increase my case loads and ultimately increase my commissions. The other way is, well get connected with bank officers (Read: networking) and get cases from the directly.

As I mention before, I sucks at my networking skills but I am trying to improve it. First step? Treat the officers that I know. Make connections. Relationships if the officer is cute/ hunky/ hot. Second step? Err... Still working on that :)

My concern is when just little of my indications came back to me. It could point out a whole lot of things. Like maybe my indications is too low. I can't really help it. I need to check with the current conditions and my company seems to be conservative enough. I've seen my fair share of bold companies giving high, and sometimes absurd indications. Or maybe as previous statement, competing companies gave a much higher indications and mind you, banks do love high indications. Or maybe it was due to the regulations that was imposed on banks early last year. But there are signs that shows we are recovering from that crisis as what had been told to me by my senior colleague. which is interesting really because my senior colleagues seems to have much more case loads than I am. Hmmm...

I am perplexed. I want to rectify this but I need to know what went wrong. I mean what's the reason that my indications did not came back to me. Hmm... A SWOT evaluation is in order perhaps?

Saturday, 19 January 2013


I am having a hell of an imagination with the photo on the poster *drools*yummy*need to get into a room ASAP*do me!!!*

Friday, 18 January 2013

It seems llike I missed a lot of bloggers update while I was on hiatus ehh...

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Financial vs Beauty - Which way to choose?

I was doing some calculations just now. Turns out there's too many wants and it seems like my pay can't cover it all.

In a nutshell, after calculating all of my expenses which includes my needs and wants, I am short of RM 100. It seems little. I mean I can tweak here, tweak there a little bit and I can make do. However, what bugs me is that it is going to leave me no flexibility.

The major items that are going to increase my financial planning is going to be my loan and a beauty supplement that is supposed to help me become fairer. I'm vain. We've established that, so let's move on. I am not having second thought about my loan because the purpose of the loan is for my savings, so I'll just let it sit in the bank and watch it grow. The thing that gives me second thought is the beauty supplement. 

If I succumb to my want and buy that supplement, of course there could be the possibility that I can become fairer than I am now. But what good is fair skin if I can't buy things that's impulsive like clothes or food or something like that? What good is fair skin if I can't do my other beauty rituals like going for facials or waxing (that is in the plan for this year) or hair cut or hair treatment? What good is fair skin if I can't lavish my nephew once in a while with toys, clothes or food? 

So, basically there're two options that I can go with.

1. Forego the beauty supplement. This way I can have extra RM 320 in hand that I can use it for anything that I want.

2. Buy 1 pack of the supplement instead of 2. This is more like a compromise. I mean I still buy it and reap in the supposed benefits, but I maybe going to see improvements slower instead of consuming it as per suggestions. So, that lefts me with RM 110 in hand. 

My heart is saying just go buy the supplement without thinking of the consequences and my brain is telling me to stop and think. Think which options I am going to take. I am sort of like equally inclined to both options. Option 1 because of the money and Option 2 is because of the supplement and money (though lesser money than Option 1). 

*sigh* Why does beauty have to be so expensive. *punch walls*

Or maybe I should just accept my skin colour? Because that would solve a whole lot of problem. Maybe not whole lot. Just this problem. 

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Just when I am down and feeling dejected, this video miraculously showed up in my youtube ...

Wash away your fears. Be fearless!

Thursday, 10 January 2013


I was stalking someone on facebook and somehow the comments spurred something in me.

Just a random question: Can you find a friend - not an acquaintance or colleague or etc -  at work?

I mean here at my workplace, there are 6 of us not including my boss. 3 males and 3 females. I don't reallay have any issues with my male counterparts, partly because one of them is pretty quiet at the office and the other one, well we are not really that friendly but we are on good terms, at least for now.

The females on the other hand are let's just say a pain in the ass. I have a two face, a whore and a fence sitter. That two face will only be close to me if she has an agenda. I think cannot call her two face lah. Have to call her multiple face! Want to slap also don't know which face to slap first. That whore, well, she's a whore. Always complaint here, complaint there. Once she even tried to outdo me as one of the officers in the office. Her position is lower than me for the record. She at times pretended like she's the boss of the company. The fence sitter, well no need to talk about her lah. She's a fence sitter maaa. She goes to which she thinks benefits her the most.

Me on the other hand, I really don't want to be involved in their games (because I believed that I am of much higher class, lols!) I mean why make them an issue when they are not matters in my life. But it gets lonely in the workplace without any one to talk to. No one to bitch around. No one to have fun with. *sigh*

They say make connections. Build your network if you want to succeed in your career. But I really don't know how to do lah. Some said just go to their office and have a talk lah. Can you do that? I mean just crash someone's office and have a chat with them? Won't I be disturbing their work? I somehow at a loss how to build my network. Not helping when you are considered as young and the others are older than me. *sigh*

Back to that facebook comment. It seems like that person is on good terms with that person's office mates. I mean they can bitch together, go out together and do stuffs other than work together. I really, really wish I can have that kind of relationship with my work mates.

Or maybe because that person and I have a different type of workplace. Mine is small. That person is big. Mine is like the company haven't hired anyone before me like for a very long time. So, these people in my office are together for so long!


I think this is the end of my ranting. For now at least.

Bad luck much?

Bad luck much?

9 days into the New Year and my car went kaput on me yesterday! Grrrr....

I've been noticing strange sounds coming from the engine like a few weeks ago but because it is so near to the service date, I thought it's just a sign. So, I thought I'll just wait for it to reach 10,000 kilometers then I'll sent it off to a service centre. Who knows yesterday the car jerk itself in the middle of the road and then refused to move! Grrr... Luckily after I switched off the air cond, it moves though I can tell that it's hard. Ngam-ngam I reached home, the car straight away went kaput! Can start but it won't move. *sigh*

Nasib baik I have two family cars that I can pinjam for a while. But it needs some getting use to it though. It's not that big but since I'm used to drive a compact car, driving a sedan seems to be a challenged for me. Cannot lipat easily like before and curse those parallel parking! Arrgghhh! I'm sucked at that!

My $$$ go terbang already. Just when I thought I'm going to save money to change the radio and rims as well as having it repainted. tsk tsk tsk.....

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

I'm a gay.

I love men.

And I love dick. 

And I get turned on by my neighbour's son in law yesterday. 

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

nEw YeAr

Happy New Year guys!

I know I know. The greeting is one day basi already. But hey, better now than never kan!

I'm jumping on the wagon where you mentioned what 2012 had taught me. Or more like what was it like in 2012. In short, remember when I said that my life has been so stagnant that it had become so bored leading this life, I guess every time I whined about it, people up there heard it loud and clear. They gave me a hell of a roller coaster ride nearing the end of 2012. There were tears, cries, angry, stress, tension, depressed, exhausted - basically all ups and downs that you can think of, I experienced it in the last 3 months of 2012.

I started 2013 with some good local food. Asam Pedas Mak Limah in Batu Pahat. Damn it was absolutely yummy! And now I just found out that Baskin Robins is going to open here at my place! So, for the moment, I think 2013 will be good for me. I hope that 2013 will bring health, wealth, happiness, joy, heaps of luck, beauty - in short all the good things that one can hope for :)

Here's to 2013 and I pray that this year bring all that is good and great and positive to you guys out there!