Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Secretly Excited ..

I don't know why .... Actually I know why but I don't know why ...

Last night I watched a Korean drama called Answer to 1997. The scene that makes me secretly excited is when Hoya and Seo In Guk sleeping in the class together. So, the camera pan to both of them and I can see clearly spots on their face! Like a pimple or something that weren't successfully covered flawlessly by make up.

Then, I was suddenly secretly happy. Happy because I saw their imperfections. Happy because they HAVE imperfections on their skin which normally people (and myself included) see flawless and pretty. Happy because it dawned to me that those people that I idolised do not have perfect skin.

I always get frustrated because I do not have great skin and I sort of make those Korean celebrities as my benchmark. That my skin needs to be flawless like them for me to call my skin to be perfect. And when I saw those spots, I suddenly felt like "Hey, my skin isn't that bad. I have spots and they have spots too."

I think I should make a section in my blog to talk about beauty stuffs.....

Anywayyy, I think I may have lost the flow of what I want to talk about. Kalau hantar essay SPM macam ni, mahu kene hentam sama cikgu aku ni ..... So I'll just end it here ...

-signing out-

Friday, 19 October 2012

How stupid was I to compare apples and oranges together

Perhaps next time before I become jelly and ambitious, I should look at myself in the mirror and do a SWOT  analysis

Instead of copying others, I should become OA - original are-5th

When I talk about change, I wonder if I knew the real meaning of the word change

P.S. I am blogging in the office. Damn lazy to do anything. Tomorrow still have to go to work somemore. Sien ... Whoever says that working life is full of happiness and joy?!
P.P.S. I am currently down with endless coughing. I swear if I'm not well this time I'll shove my RM 58 medicines into the doctor's arse. Maybe I'll shove other things too ... *erk*
P.P.P.S. FB stalking is making me depressed!!

Monday, 15 October 2012


This is a ranting post. The longest one I've rant so far. You've been warned ...


I can't believe this. I've been MIA for a very long time. Not only MIA in blogging, but also blog reading. Haven't really had a time to do these things as well, some parts of my life has changed right now. So need to adapt which results in some things being left unattended. Heck, for a person who like to prettify myself, put skincare products, dress nicely, take sometime to do hair, I've been a complete mess these days. It's been weeks since I put products on my face, take long hot showers, dress up, do my hair. Nowadays, I even wear a non-iron-shirt-looking shirt to work, wore an ugly tee with a hole on it to town (not exactly my fault because I didn't realise there was a hole there) and my hair, urrgghhhh, I think it has an ugly life of its own! I'm not even sure how I smell anymore. I mean I did bathe but not as meticulous as before and I didn't spray on myself some perfume. *sigh* I wonder how can anyone who is in this situation managed to make themselves look hot and pretty everyday? I'm like in a mess! My life is a mess! *sigh* I promised myself day and day I need to change. That I missed my old routine. That I missed my old self. But I don't know how to start. If I start one thing then I won't have time for another which led to more abandoning routine. I'm not exactly a good time manager but I guess this time I need to learn how. I need to so that I won't keep looking like a mess and worst, ugly!


If only there's more than 24 hours in a day. I need a game plan. I don't want to live in an ugly, boring, messy life anymore. I need to allocate time for all the routines that I need to do. But that comes with a cost - my beauty sleep ..... That is my most weakness ever! If I don't have enough sleep I'll be cranky and easily irritated. I need more than 24 hours a day!!!!!!!!!