Monday, 10 March 2014


I was reading the famous Sg Gay Confessions page and I questioned myself something that I have been questioning for quite some time.

You see I am already reaching three series but I have yet to have a relationship. NO relationship. None whatsoever. I was very discrete before and I never actually accepted myself as gay until recently. Even then, I'm still having conflict with myself accepting myself as gay. So, its like no relationship whatsoever. No sex whatsoever. Rarely managed to get a dick because I am considered as ugly and undesirable in this gay community. The last time I had a dick is one year ago. My arse is still a virgin. I always thought like I will save my body and my arse for someone special but I mean just how long can you wait? The jelly feeling that others have boyfriends and thus managed to channel their bodily desire with each other just make me feel jelly and kinda horny. Always. Just how long can you wait? Just how long can you hold that arse for that someone special? How long?

I need a boyfriend. Yeah family is important but family can't satisfy you bodily desire, can they? *incest much?*

Sekian, repekan pada hari ini. 

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