Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Meaning of My Birthdate

  1. You were born to enjoy life. (TRUE)
  2. You do not care about anything and just want to have fun in your life time. (TRUE)
  3. You are very clever in their studies and business management. (err... betul ker? *scratch head*)
  4. You are a genius, kind, have the appearance of handsome. (I WANT THIS ALSO, CAN OR CANNOT? ^^)
  5. All good things will come to you. (TERIMA KASIH..!!)


  1. why the sentences before '06th' got darken??i wanna see that part..hahaha =P

    it's a bit of sentence said u no care bout anything, the next one said u care to family members and friends..haha ^^

    1. coz the darken one got sensitive info :)
      maybe caring to family members is fun? *shrugs*