Saturday, 21 April 2012

As Fate Would Have It

Today I found out a bad news in regards to a friend mine. He posted a picture in FB with a caption saying that he will be discharge from hospital. Long story short, he will have to undergo an operation on his spine which resulting in him losing a toe.

His friends are wishing him for the best - in regards to the operation as well as praying that he will not lose a toe. But I must salute him. From the way he reply all the comments, he is strong and accepted whatever fate has bestowed upon him.

Me, on the other hand, starts to ponder. Before that, let me just say this. He is blessed with a cute face. He's bubbly. He's fun. And yes, he was one of my crush during my schooling years. Who wouldn't? But he's straight as hell. So, yeah. Nothing happened.

Thing is, when we see a cute/ hot/ handsome guys out there, we always assume that they are perfect. That they must have had an easy life. But now this has happened to my friend, it struck me that no one is ever perfect. A person may be hot, may be really handsome and may be really cute, but there would be something, perhaps something so small that makes them imperfect.

Then again, imperfection is what made us perfect, no?


  1. true enough...there's nothing such as perfection no matter how much plastic surgery u undergo =)

  2. Very well conveyed.

    Got to agree with you when you talk on the 4th paragraph.