Friday, 6 April 2012

Just My Two Cents (and also because I have nothing to write!)

A recent post by a blogger cause quite a stir to a reader which I shall say is a border between an anonymous and a blogger as this person did not list his blog in his profile. So we have no idea whether he has a blog or otherwise.

As a self professed seasoned blogger - I have been blogging since 2008 but due to some circumstances all my previous blogs have been deleted - I have to say that I had experienced it twice where an anonymous reader of mine really disagree with me till the point of calling me an apostate. Another post made an anonymous reader called me as traitor to my race.

I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, there is a certain line which may not be crossed. As for me it seems the lines that I have crossed - as according to my reader, but I believed that I have not - are religion and race.

The religion part is when I talked about the cancellation of an international artist concert due to the performer promotes hedonism. The race part is when I talked and I agree of non-bumi entering UiTM.

I did it in a very soft approach. I mean I don't use any curses at all. I am just stating my opinion in a very mild manner but the response, let's just say I was quite shocked. In the end, I remind myself not to write anything in my blog about anything that I will not talked about with strangers or people that I have just met for the first time.

Now, back to the blogger. I have never in my mind thought that someone's preference on his/ her sexual activities can and will be bashed. I'm not saying about sexuality - straight or bent - but the person's preference on who they want to do it with. I thought it is up to the person on who they want to do it with. It's their own personal choice. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Just because you say a person is hot, doesn't mean that everyone will agree with you. It is the same with your tastebuds isn't it. Just because you think that Island Supreme Pizza is absolutely heaven, others may absolutely dislike it.

In this reader vs blogger case, if the reader really, really, really like 'dim sum', that whenever you 'eat' it, it rocks the foundation of your apartment, then that's it. Don't force others to agree with you. Whatever rocks your boat, may not rock others.

It seems to me that you are too shallow in your argument. It might be the case if you are in the 60's but this is 2012. Wake up and smell the coffee mate. If you are too obsessed with tea, you might not know the wonders of a cup of coffee. Or a glass of juice for that matter!


  1. yeah, I agree with u..nonetheless, it is amusing to see how one side bashing and gnashing all the way while the blogger dismiss it gracefully..make the aggressive one look kinda stupid.

    for the race and religion part, unless u are far far away from this forsaken land, it is a good idea to lay it off for a long we are brought up the same way like our forefathers were, nothing will change..that why I deleted my previous blog without any trace whatsoever..

    everyone is entitled to their own opinion and say but unfortunately, there are idiots and fools around to make matters worse =)

    1. well i wrote about that because i was far far away from this land back then! kekekekekeke...

      yeah well, the world is made with heaps of fools and idiots. but without them, it wouldn't be fun! =)

  2. what a pathetic plea to save jboy . firstly are u even a chinese ? do u have no shame calling urself a chinese ? u are another disgrace to the race , just like that arsehole jboy .

    i just stated a fact that many chinese aka dim sum actually admit . You probably like to act as if ur so perfect when u agree to what i say . go ahead , fuck others

    1. excuse me, may i know who are you? why do you come to my blog and bashing me? does this post even related to you? did it say your name? did it say anything about jboy? who is jboy anyway? do you know him? i don't think i do.

      you know, for someone who has no balls to make known his existence in the blogsphere, you really do know how to make an entrance.

      from one bitch to another, grow some balls. BIG BALLS by the way.

    2. Lol, just ignore people like this la.. Pointless to start an argument with people like this. We blog what we want, this is what our blogs are for, freedom of expression. If some ass disagree, so what?..
      Honestly.. Zhenyu has the funniest comments i have ever read. I have finally withness narrow mindedness at its best and hell its entertaining to see how his mind works. Keep up the comments! <3

    3. leo nut, i don't even know him and he came to my blog bashing me on a post that may not even related to him. think i'll just entertain him IF he keep playing this game. i need some CHEAP entertainment anyway. i'm pretty bored these days....