Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Secretly Excited ..

I don't know why .... Actually I know why but I don't know why ...

Last night I watched a Korean drama called Answer to 1997. The scene that makes me secretly excited is when Hoya and Seo In Guk sleeping in the class together. So, the camera pan to both of them and I can see clearly spots on their face! Like a pimple or something that weren't successfully covered flawlessly by make up.

Then, I was suddenly secretly happy. Happy because I saw their imperfections. Happy because they HAVE imperfections on their skin which normally people (and myself included) see flawless and pretty. Happy because it dawned to me that those people that I idolised do not have perfect skin.

I always get frustrated because I do not have great skin and I sort of make those Korean celebrities as my benchmark. That my skin needs to be flawless like them for me to call my skin to be perfect. And when I saw those spots, I suddenly felt like "Hey, my skin isn't that bad. I have spots and they have spots too."

I think I should make a section in my blog to talk about beauty stuffs.....

Anywayyy, I think I may have lost the flow of what I want to talk about. Kalau hantar essay SPM macam ni, mahu kene hentam sama cikgu aku ni ..... So I'll just end it here ...

-signing out-

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  1. I am all up on the beauty stuff blog section !!!


    Anyway, perfection is a never ending journey. One can never be enough of what he/she achieved.