Thursday, 27 June 2013

A day being me

A day in the office becomes so much slower when my headset died on me at noon. Been contemplating on whether to splurge on a wireless headset that would definitely cost me a bomb or just settle on traditional, wired headset. In my heart the wireless is winning the war but my brain is championing the wired ones. So, we'll see which of them won the battle when I walked into the IT store later today. It's hard without the headset. I can't listen to my music nor can I watch my Youtube porn videos as well as any dramas or movies. Yes, I am a procrastinator multitasker, although I am not very good at it. Tend to berat sebelah on the non-work side of the quantum scale. But I've been trying to rectify it, to a little bit of success.

This morning when I went to a client's house for work, I notice some interesting deco. This particular client is an interracial couple. So, in the porch, there's one big (at least for a house) Hindu temple and decorated with tanglung and the red kain normally Chinese people would gantung at the ceiling. Somehow, I found it rather interesting. Made me remember an article by a writer where the funeral of a Baba Nyonya descendent will be made in Chinese rituals but the settings would be Malay. Like the mourning would be in Malay language and the service is done in Malay language. Very interesting.

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