Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The best entertainment ever!

The best entertainment when you have nothing to do in the office and you are bored?

1. Porn? *well that would be interesting but cannot. NSFW!*
2. Youtube *true. but not really the best*
3. Facebook *it's getting pretty bored there now*

drum rolls pleaseeeeeeeee .........

4. Reading K-Pop fans comments on and see all the antis and fans fight. Damn serious man! I wonder whether the celebrities really appreciate the fan as much as the fans would like the celebrities to appreciate them? Maybe the celebrities will just say "Fark it! I'll just smile, laugh, do a little fan service and they'll love me forever! Nothing to care about them. Nope." Or maybe they do appreciate their fans. Who knows. We never know them that well. I mean just because they were in some shows, some fans think that they know their celebrities like they have known them for years.

Now, time to indulge in more fans fights!

P.S. Yes, I have nothing better to do ....


  1. Unfortunately, whatever they 'know' about their idols is just a facade. All PR, promotion, rehearsal and scripts.