Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Houston, we have a problem! Birdy's hangar is left open!

I'm not sure whether to feel very embarrassed or just to laugh at myself.

I went home during lunch hour to take a nap. Feeling so tired and sluggish. Thought of washing my car then head home but since it was raining a little, there's no point of me to wash the car. So, I went straight home.

What was planned to be at most 30 minutes nap turns to be a freaking 1 hour of sleep! Luckily my mother woke me up or else I'm pretty sure I'll be skipping my afternoon work! I quickly get dressed and with my baru bangun tidur eyes and state of mind, speed away to the office but it was not before I made a call to a friend asking for a favour.

I reached the office (managed to curse at someone for stealing my parking spot before that too. Curse him!), do a little bit of work, have a discussion with the boss and then my friend called me telling me that the favour is ready.

Immediately, I drove to her office (yeah, it's a she) to get the thing. Upon reaching that place, I saw that she's with her daughter and her daughter is smiling (or was it laughing?) rather devilishly. Received the item and when I said thank you, she made a comment of something blue that I did not quite catch and then she and my friend was laughing like mad. I was left with confusion on what was the joke about.

Before returning to the office, I made a quick stop at a convenience store to buy a cushion and when I returned to my car, only then I realised something. To my absolute horror, my fly was open! It was open freaking wide and guess what, I'm wearing a freaking blue underwear! Gah! Only then the something blue comment made sense! I was laughing and feeling embarrassed at the same time! Imagined me meeting my friend at her office and she has a front view of my crotch!

*facepalm moments*

What would you guys do if you see someone's fly is open? Do you keep it quiet or tell him about it or you guys just enjoy the view?

P.S. Luckily I did not have a hard on at that time!


  1. there was 1 incident with my uncle,i tried to tell him but every time i'm about to tell him i will laugh out loud...and ended up didn't tell him...now i'm smiling while typing thisXD

  2. If he's a hot guy, I will continue to stare.


    1. plus if he's got a big dick! lagi lah nak stare!