Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Can I just rant? I need to rant. I need to let off some steam.

It's just really not my day today.  I had a very bored long weekend and when I woke up this morning, I had hope today will be a smooth sailing without any confrontations or worries at all. Turns up it was everything but.

Came to the office and found out that the draftperson is on medical leave. I have two urgent reports need to be completed by the end of today and the boss sent a text saying I have to find ways for me to finish the report. As much as I believe that I am pretty much skillful in my job, drawing a plan using Autocad is not really my forte. In fact, I believe none of my seniors knew how to use Autocad. So, alternatively the clerk was once in charged of the plan and so I asked for her help. Let's just say in short, she's very much reluctant and though she did help me draw it in the end but it was not without making spiteful comments. What spiteful comments? When did you hand in the report to the draftperson? You should handed it earlier so that she can do it earlier. *Hello! I sent it on Friday afternoon if my memory serves me right. So, she could have done it but nah..! Her printer is out of ink and I have no idea whether she used refill ink or a new inkjet. How to print? *Are you that dumb? Your computer has Autocad installed in it. Why can't you use YOUR computer and YOUR printer? My printer is very sensitive. If there's anything wrong after I printed it, you'll take responsibility. Deal? *Oh! Now we can only use our own laptop and printer is it? Speaking of that, where is my old printer that magically disappear after I sent it for repairs? I know you took it from the repair person considering it has your signature on the release paper. Is it at your home? Same as when you took my wireless mouse bought using office money. 

And then a senior valuer gave an indication in the area in which I am in charge. Hello! I can do my own job thank you very much. This is the second time he took away my job. What, just because you are a senior you can simply do anything is it?


I know I should count my luck considering I am not working in a company where your boss can simply scold you in public, which for the record I simply hate it because it's just plain rude and disrespectful. If you have anything to say to me, please say it to me myself and in private.

And now I am just feeling low. Too low in fact. I guess in this office of mine I had to learn how to do everything myself so that if something like this happened again, I can take charge myself and not subject myself to all these spiteful and irritating comments.

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