Monday, 23 September 2013


Well, well, well ... Last weekend was such a blast. I had an impromptu plan to meet up with friends who came down south to attend another friend's wedding which I may have forgotten. The invite is through facebook and I don't know I always have this sentiment that if someone invites you to a wedding through facebook, it's not a sincere invite. Like hot hot chicken shit like that. And also I somehow determined that I won't go to any wedding or reunion with friends, not until I managed to lose my weight, which is rather unsuccessful. Needless to say the wedding this time, gave me joy and happiness and memories while taught me a thing or two.

It seems to me that I always look down on myself when in fact I am a greatest creation of God and my beloveds - family and close friends - does not have any problems with me being me - minus the part where I like guys. To them I am one very cherished friend and a good or even great son and brother at that. I need to learn and tell myself to love me more. Because how can I expect others to love me if I don't love myself first.

Living in a small town, separated from my closest friends made me appreciate all the time I can spend with them. Like last weekend, even though the time we spent together is short, but it was a cherished and memorable one at that that made me love them more and more.

I also learnt not to question the sincerity of the invites even though it was through facebook. My friend was thrilled that I attended her wedding and to me that is like nail to the head that I should not question the sincerity of the invites. Also, I need to start attending my friend's weddings. To those that I have missed (believe me there are lots) I'm sorry for practising this stupid policy of mine. If I can make it up to you, I shall. Though I don't think they ever read my blog. Hehehehe


  1. sometimes i missed the invitation people send to fb since i'm not always there for a long time....