Saturday, 21 January 2012

Resolution 2012

I know.. I know.. I'm like 20 days late *like duhhh :)*  But I think it's nice to put my 2012's resolution in this blog  <s>though I still have my doubts whether I can achieve them</s> It gives you a certain goals for you to achieve so that you know that you are living the best of your life *cliche I know :p*

I divided my resolutions into four - Beauty, Lifestyle, Health and *drum rolls pleaseeeeee* DIET!! *main reason why I have my doubts that I can achieve it*

Let's take a look at them shall we? :)


  1. Drink a minimum of 8 glasses or 2000 ml of water *I always think that I don't drink enough*
  2. Adhere to my daily skin care regime and STOP PICKING ON MY BLACKHEADS and/or OIL  SEEDS and/or PIMPLES!
  1. To finish reading my magazines in the month that I buy them. In other words, make sure I finish reading them before I buy a new issue.
  2. Manage my finance better

  1. Start brisk walking, then advance to jogging.
  2. Start hiking Gunung Lambak
  3. Resume my gym *I plan to resume on July. Strict financial budget on the first half of 2012*
  4. Eat my vitamins EVERYDAY! :)

  1. Eat fruits before my main meals - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  2. Snacks healthily - Fruits and Nuts. ABSOLUTELY NO CHIPS!!
  3. Divide my meals into 6 and take my meals in half portion that I normally do. 

So, to ensure that these resolutions a success, I will be doing updates for it quarterly :) 


  1. i climb gunung lambak every time i go back johor! :) hehe.. and to be exact you can say im kinda connected with that gunung in a sense cos my grandparents lives beside it! :)

    ok.. keep blogging are-5th!!

    1. wait, what?! your grandparents lives beside it? the gungun practically in my backyard!!!

    2. hahahaha.. nice!! :) oh well.. im not gonna be back until like 2014 or something.. lol... see you when im back la!

  2. sure...but again, that is IF we survive the so called end of the world this year :p