Friday, 27 January 2012


I am actually at work right now. Curi-curi online because the boss is not in yet :) So, as usual, I read some blogs but today I get a surprise :) A blogger whose blog I have been silently reading all these time promotes my very much new blog in his blog *aiyak too much of word blog -.-*

I really don't know what to say. I'm quite touched really! :) THANKS TULSY! :)
Next time you are in Kluang, roger-roger me will you :) We can go makan-makan somewhere and it will be my shout :)


  1. ish ..perasan nya ,, anyway im his hubby

  2. hehe.. i will ingat di hati sampai i meet you.. i miss seafood wor.. we either go to the conner seafood place near the roundabout or just go JB or Batu to makan la! hehe...

    muacks you!!!

    just ignore that ooi, i already divorce him already...

    1. Har?.. bukan you baru makan seafood for cny meh?.. =P

    2. CK, you have to know the drill.. tuls is a very kedekut and selfish person, so when someone wants to treat we will eat whatever we like the most la.. so what if i just ate seafood??!? nak jugak!!!!!!!!!!! blek!!!!!!! hahhaha.. but i love seafood the boomziest la...

      see even are-5th agrees..!! lol...

      how can he reject such an offer to treat the innocent angelic tulsy? LOLLLLLLLLLLLL!!

      kidding kidding! hahahahahaha...

  3. kaylex: i always have a soft spot for seafood. i can eat seafood everyday! :)