Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Totally Not My Day

It was all in a day's work.
I went to inspect a property.
I can't find the property.
Scale it on the standard sheet.
I still can't find the property.
I changed the method. Instead of driving, I tried to find it by foot.
Terpijak cow dung. My right foot termasuk in mud. *cue for curses*
And I still can't find the land. *cue for even more curses*
And now my shoes all got muddy and cow dung.
I still have to go for land inspection tomorrow.
Now please tell me, dear heavenly-me, WHAT SHOES AM I GOING TO WEAR TOMORROW?!

P.S. And a car nearly hit my car. >.< Thank God there's no scratch or anything like that. I might talked about that later.....

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