Friday, 16 November 2012

Just a whole lot of things happened to me while I was having my life back

So yesterday I had the most fun day after so long I haven't had any fun! *err, did you get my drift?* I had sort of like  a boys day out with my bestie. He's been studying in Aussie and after this he'll be working there. So while he's back in Malaysia for a short holiday, I ask him to go out because it has been such a long time since we done that. Also because it has been like a really long time since early this year that I go out, let my hair down and just enjoys.

On our way back, we stop by JPO - because I never went to before. Here is where two events happened. One is a little bit irritating. One is a bit shocking.

Numero Uno!

We queued outside one of the designer stores and a group of 4 boys and a girl from Singapore queued behind us. Let's just say that they were not quite the Singaporean that I knew. They were so loud! Boasting and undermining others English saying that their English is so lala and their English is US English. I was like, "Hello! Singapore was colonised by British okay. So your English is basically based on Queen's English. Jangan nak perasan American sangat lah oii! Oh and if your English is so damn perfect, why did I detect A LOT of grammar mistakes in your sentences? Lala much yourselves?"  And yes, I was being a grammar nazi. It took a while before the door was open, so I was really, really relieved when the door was finally open. My ears can't stand being tortured that much.

Numero dos!

I accidentally, unsuspectingly busted two guys having a quickie at a toilet stall! The story begins .... I went to the toilet to pee and there's only one stall and it was occupied. I proceed to go to the urinals. So while I was doing my business, I can hear two voices coming form the stall and the sound of belt buckle falling. The voices are so slow that I thought at first were two kids just fooling around. After I finished my business, I went outside and bought a drink and just stand there (outside of the toilet - just to clarify) and then lo and behold. Two well built, hot, handsome men coming out of the toilet. They walked a bit weird like they wanted to hide the fact that they just had a quickie. I first thought they were a couple but they were not! They went separate ways after that. I was like, Damn! If I know they were having a quickie then I can intai hor. Who knows I can join too .. Kekekekekeke .....

And that's the end of the story =)

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