Friday, 23 November 2012

Tailored work pants

So, yesterday I broke another of my virginity. Not the sexual ones unfortunately. I went to get some tailored pants for work. It has been like what 2 years since I changed my work wardrobe? So I thought I'd update it with a bang. It costs quite a bomb and yet it was just a simple cloths that I chose. Maybe next time when I have more budget (Read: Order just one instead of four) I'd choose a much nicer design. Although I have to admit, there's not much design in men's cloth. I mean there's only like solid colour, pin stripe, checkered and did I miss anything else? There's like one cloth that I really like but I thought it's a bit too shiny for work. It's not that shiny but I'm not sure whether it would be appropriate for work. Though I have a history of wearing a pair of shirts for work that seems to be better suited for casual  (and a friend of mine did tegur me for wearing it. She said she did not believe that I wore it for work) but I'm not sure whether the logic will be the same for a bit shiny pants.

So, this is sort of like the nearest example I could on the shiny cloth. Can I choose this cloth for my work pants?


  1. Metallic-coated shine, is normally for the evening look.

    My philosophy to clothing, whatever you put on will look good so long it fits the personality of yours.


    1. so it's 2 against 1 now. 2 says can and 1 say cannot ..

      now on that philosophy, i really have no idea what's my personality is. is that normal?