Saturday, 3 August 2013

Tiada Tajuk

Today is going to be a slow pace day. I'm at work now but I'm still idling - do a little bit of work then surf the net and now I found myself writing a post. Going to do a little shopping later on. Thinking of taking advantage of the massive discounts now that Raya is approaching. I already bought four pairs of denim that I managed to get at the bazaar. Yeah, it's a knock off but it's a cheap knock off and it looks pretty good too. The seller said that they hail from Siam and it's a much better, more quality than the ones hailed from Hong Kong but what do I know. This is my first time buying a knock off at a bazaar. Hehehehe. If the seller wanted to lie to me he could considering I'm a noob.

Now, where were we ..... Oh! The shopping!

I'm thinking of buying a few pairs of tees and maybe shirts as well. See whether got my size or not.

And now I have no idea what to write anymore. Hohohoho ....

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