Wednesday, 21 March 2012

One Evil Antagonist Is Messing My Mind

Read a review about a Korean Drama with a very evil antagonist doing things that is unimaginable and it ruins my mood all over. I have no idea why most of the time I cringe when there's conflict in a drama up to a point where I will not watch that particular scene. So far, none has any effect to my mood except for this one antagonist.

Which makes me thinking. Is there such a person in this world? I wish I won't encounter any of them in my whole life....


  1. Haha, I believe if you unlucky enough.. Yo will met people more evil and nasty, especially at work.. ><

    1. I think he encountered some oredi, I remember are-5th comment on my "two-faced" post about it

    2. yes leo nut. unfortunately malimo is right. i have an arsehole, a slut, a bitch and a two faced in my office... to make it worse it's a small office of 6 personnels only..*sigh*

  2. then it's time to move from there once u finish ur professional paper =)

    there will be nasty ppl, no doubt bout that but there are more nicer dont ruin ur mood over them :)