Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Emo Post

It has been quite some time since I jot down something in this blog. It's not that I'm lazy, it's just that there's nothing in my life that is worth mentioning here. It's been pretty bored living here in Kluang. Most of my friends are in KL. The keyword here is most. I do have some friends - all girls - here but we rarely go out together. Not that I don't want to meet them but all the time if we go out it will be like five of us and unfortunately for one of them, I'm not too sure why, my mother forbids me seeing her. So, I have been keeping my distance from her and it makes me feel really guilty. What kind of a friend I am? *sigh*

I once chatted with a friend in Brisbane ad told him about my situation. He advises me to go and start making friends but even he knows that it will be hard as he is experiencing the same thing as well. 

I'm going to stop here as this is making my blog even more emo. And I'm emo because my blog don't have many pictures in it! 


  1. maybe u could change the layout a bit into something more cheerful ^^ u're emo-ing, open blog look at black colour..not too nice i assume :)

    miss ur post..write more, maybe it make u feel better xD *hugs*

  2. Took your advise and I sort of like tweak my blog. And me Love it! :)

    1. that's a lot better..love the background picture..i lazy to learn to put new background for mine..haha

      btw u live at kluang?one of my friend from there..he always say how 'exciting' life it is over there and we always had a good laugh over it xD hahahaha

    2. life in kluang is definitely 'exciting'.. :) my friends always told me to move to KL just so that we can hang out more often!

    3. Well, can't ask for transfer from ur company to KL if they have branch over there? or u always have the option to apply for new jobs in KL. there has never been shortage of offer for ur talent :)

    4. i'm sort of doing my professional license. so i can't go anywhere.

    5. that's too bad..then how long it takes to get it?

    6. hihi... alah.. kluang is not that bad la.. since after all the malls and cinema is all now completed! lol... can remember when sushi king was launched, need to line up to masuk! siao one!!!!! hahahaha.. i remember me lining up to eat too cos thats the only thing that i can indulge other than secret recipe! lollllll... hahahahaha...

      make life to the fullest in kluang la.. KL is nice but there are more than just KL, being away from my family makes me think from a different perspective.. haha..

      i dont know what im crapping here pun... lol..

      anyway.. you and your girlfriend kena la berkomunikasi abit la.. poor she only la.. but you as a son also quite hard la to deal la in that situation.. takkan wanna go agaisnt mummy meh..


      hopefully everything will turn out right for you la! muacks! :)

    7. of course being in Kluang means i'm with my family and i'm truly grateful for that. after around 7 years living outside of kluang - boarding schools, prep course, uni - i just wish to be with my family for a while and i can see they appreciate that. but sometimes i think being in Kluang means my social life is getting down the hill. or is it because i never make the effort to go to KL and meet my friends there. huhuhuhu..

      and she's not my girlfriend lah!! she's just a friend. not that close to her anyway. (okay i'm being mean..)