Friday, 9 March 2012

Seer-ly Me or Superstitious-ly Me?

The Malays said don't believe in dreams. Dreams are the play of satans. However, we also believed if the condition is right, our dream may give us some insights on what would happen in the future. 

For me, I'm not too sure about it. Most of my dreams are craps and bull. But there are a few, three to be exact, that happens in real life just how I dreamt them. 
  1. I once dreamt I was in my class. I was standing at the front, not sure doing what when suddenly I noticed a 4WD pull up right in front of my classroom. A few days later, it really happen in real life. Exactly just how I dreamt them. 
  2. I dreamt on seeing a gate being constructed right at the boundaries of my house and my neighbour. A small gate, just to connect our houses together. And it did happened a few days later. More like I was made known by my parents that they are going to construct one. But we did made one. 
  3. I dreamt a few hours before going to my grandfather's house, that we found him dead and initial assumption was that he was murdered. Unfortunately, it happened. I was having my summer break at that time. 
I once told my sister about it and she said maybe it was my gift. But I haven't had any come-to-life dream since what happened to my grandfather. 

The same applies when my eyelids suddenly mengenyit-ngenyit. Not too sure what's the English translation of it. It's not blinking but it's like small movements of your eyelids. It could be either left or right eye and it could be either at the upper eyelid or lower eyelid etc. 

Smiling eyelids?
Normally if the left eyelid does that it means bad omen. Again, I'm not too sure whether to believe it or not, but I do have experienced bad things whenever my left eyelid mengenyit-ngenyit. 

So, does it mean I'm superstitious or maybe I do have the gift *if it really is, it must be a lousy one because it did not happen all the time*

P.S. Segala yang berlaku adalah Qada' dan Qadar Allah.  :)


  1. its called twitching ba? lol....

    its a normal thing to happen la... smooth muscles are found there and sometimes excess signals sent to them and they just twitch lor for no reason...

    i always use science to explain la so i dont really believe in kepercayaan karut...

    and about the dream...

    oh well... no comment.. :)

    1. Hahaha. Hey, there's a lot that science doesn't know.

    2. twitching kah? hehehehehe

  2. whether it's true or not, it doesnt impact much right considering not like we can change anything..we jsut gonna realize what it means after it happen usually xD

    1. true. it's like you don't know the significance of it until the event happens.