Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Clean House

So, what can be constitute as clean?

Nicely arranged items? Sparkling items? Smooth flooring? No dust, cobwebs or anything that is related of that?

What if it's a wooden, kampung house? Is it acceptable that items are not arranged carefully, they are not sparkly? There's no dust or rubbish or any kind of that but there's some feeling in the air that just didn't feel right.

Or perhaps it was because they way I grow up. I am a city boy after all. So, perhaps the way I perceived as clean is not the same as theirs?

But their children have all become city kids now. Don't they have a sense to clean their kampung house?

I'm perplexed.

Or is it because I just simply hate going back there that I criticize everything?


  1. Clean is when you feel comfortable in your own personal space & environment ?

    1. well if you put it that way... it's so subjective that it can mean anything XD

  2. I grew up in kampung/city~

    Hence, anything is fine to me, as long as your feet and hands wont get "black"... then again, am a grease monkey at times... sorry... cant commet... lollll