Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I did get quite a hefty bonus for Raya. And yes, I may, err scratch that, have spent quite a big amount in less than a month. What can I do? I'm a shopaholic who has low self esteem and confidence and view myself as superbly inferior than others who turns to shopping and beauty stuffs (and sexual stuffs!) to cover my imperfection. Which results in me portraying an image that I come from a wealthy family when in fact I am from a middle income earner family. However, I know about it and accept it wholeheartedly and to me, it is much better than a certain someone who earns much higher than me, get a much heftier bonus than me, who is at times indifferent to his family financially. Who at times too stingy to fork out money for the comfort and satisfaction of his family.

I know your good intentions and I thank you for that. But I would rather spend than be a cheapskate!

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  1. oh babeh~ shut up and shop!!!

    lolll~ feeling better?