Thursday, 16 August 2012

Stalking mode ON!!

I am pretty bored in the office now. No work to do. Everyone is excited anticipating the coming long Raya breaks. With nothing to do, I decided to make a tweeter account and bombard a few bloggers with following requests. Hopefully they don't mind (and yes I've been stalking for quite some time. A blogger knows XD. You know who you are XD )

So, in case if anyone is a little bit erm, disturbed by my action, kindly email me or something and I'll unfollow you =)

Or I'll just follow you using my other account XD


  1. how many account you have? ==

    1. not many lah. 2 only. one is SFW and another is well, NSFW XD

  2. Aiks, no new request of following in my Twitter.