Thursday, 10 January 2013

Bad luck much?

Bad luck much?

9 days into the New Year and my car went kaput on me yesterday! Grrrr....

I've been noticing strange sounds coming from the engine like a few weeks ago but because it is so near to the service date, I thought it's just a sign. So, I thought I'll just wait for it to reach 10,000 kilometers then I'll sent it off to a service centre. Who knows yesterday the car jerk itself in the middle of the road and then refused to move! Grrr... Luckily after I switched off the air cond, it moves though I can tell that it's hard. Ngam-ngam I reached home, the car straight away went kaput! Can start but it won't move. *sigh*

Nasib baik I have two family cars that I can pinjam for a while. But it needs some getting use to it though. It's not that big but since I'm used to drive a compact car, driving a sedan seems to be a challenged for me. Cannot lipat easily like before and curse those parallel parking! Arrgghhh! I'm sucked at that!

My $$$ go terbang already. Just when I thought I'm going to save money to change the radio and rims as well as having it repainted. tsk tsk tsk.....

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