Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Of work and .... just work

I'm not sure what went wrong.

I am entering my 3rd year in the working force and yet it seems like I've yet to make any tremendous progress at all. I'm not saying that I don't know how to do my work. I DO know how to do my work. Most of the technical aspects of it that is within the scope of my company anyway.

However, it seems there is something wrong with the indication that I gave. I mean I gave indications to many banks and yet only a little of them came back to me. That is one way for me to increase my case loads and ultimately increase my commissions. The other way is, well get connected with bank officers (Read: networking) and get cases from the directly.

As I mention before, I sucks at my networking skills but I am trying to improve it. First step? Treat the officers that I know. Make connections. Relationships if the officer is cute/ hunky/ hot. Second step? Err... Still working on that :)

My concern is when just little of my indications came back to me. It could point out a whole lot of things. Like maybe my indications is too low. I can't really help it. I need to check with the current conditions and my company seems to be conservative enough. I've seen my fair share of bold companies giving high, and sometimes absurd indications. Or maybe as previous statement, competing companies gave a much higher indications and mind you, banks do love high indications. Or maybe it was due to the regulations that was imposed on banks early last year. But there are signs that shows we are recovering from that crisis as what had been told to me by my senior colleague. which is interesting really because my senior colleagues seems to have much more case loads than I am. Hmmm...

I am perplexed. I want to rectify this but I need to know what went wrong. I mean what's the reason that my indications did not came back to me. Hmm... A SWOT evaluation is in order perhaps?

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