Thursday, 10 January 2013


I was stalking someone on facebook and somehow the comments spurred something in me.

Just a random question: Can you find a friend - not an acquaintance or colleague or etc -  at work?

I mean here at my workplace, there are 6 of us not including my boss. 3 males and 3 females. I don't reallay have any issues with my male counterparts, partly because one of them is pretty quiet at the office and the other one, well we are not really that friendly but we are on good terms, at least for now.

The females on the other hand are let's just say a pain in the ass. I have a two face, a whore and a fence sitter. That two face will only be close to me if she has an agenda. I think cannot call her two face lah. Have to call her multiple face! Want to slap also don't know which face to slap first. That whore, well, she's a whore. Always complaint here, complaint there. Once she even tried to outdo me as one of the officers in the office. Her position is lower than me for the record. She at times pretended like she's the boss of the company. The fence sitter, well no need to talk about her lah. She's a fence sitter maaa. She goes to which she thinks benefits her the most.

Me on the other hand, I really don't want to be involved in their games (because I believed that I am of much higher class, lols!) I mean why make them an issue when they are not matters in my life. But it gets lonely in the workplace without any one to talk to. No one to bitch around. No one to have fun with. *sigh*

They say make connections. Build your network if you want to succeed in your career. But I really don't know how to do lah. Some said just go to their office and have a talk lah. Can you do that? I mean just crash someone's office and have a chat with them? Won't I be disturbing their work? I somehow at a loss how to build my network. Not helping when you are considered as young and the others are older than me. *sigh*

Back to that facebook comment. It seems like that person is on good terms with that person's office mates. I mean they can bitch together, go out together and do stuffs other than work together. I really, really wish I can have that kind of relationship with my work mates.

Or maybe because that person and I have a different type of workplace. Mine is small. That person is big. Mine is like the company haven't hired anyone before me like for a very long time. So, these people in my office are together for so long!


I think this is the end of my ranting. For now at least.


  1. Depends. Sometimes you're lucky enough to make good friends so the workplace is something to look forward to.

  2. The main objective: we go there to work and make some money.


    1. now that you put it that way... :)

  3. Maybe you can start with FB? That's how I started.

    1. my fb is not so safe for career related networking :p