Monday, 4 February 2013


I woke up today to a heavy rain poring down outside. No wonder I was sound asleep! I bet with some snores along the way too! =p

So, in getting the mood for today's wet weather, I decided to wear blue to work today. Blue does not just stands for Monday blues. It also stands for Lazy Smurfs! Bwahahahahah...

I head to work and since I'm a Lazy Smurf today, I went out for brunch like super long! Three hours long! Man, that was some hookey! Even my diet is playing hookey! *Actually my diet has been playing hookey for quite some time now .. Teeeheeeee*

Now, I'm sitting at my desk writing a post when in fact I had to finalise a report and give an indication. *Just asked the cute intern to do something for me. He smells nice today.*


  1. Ooo...intern...

    And oh my, you went and smell at him ?

    1. oyy i'm not that pervert okay! though if given the chance, i'd do more than just smell him =p

      i can smell him from like 1 foot away!