Wednesday, 20 February 2013

One fateful day...

..... he came to my house with a couple of his friends. They were here to discuss something with my father. Maybe something that related to his business. I on the other hand, had a different agenda ......

Smiled at him a little. Flirt with him a little. A little skinship and voila! To the bathroom we go. Had to go quietly because well, parents are in the house.

Once inside, our horniness takes us to the nines! We kissed. We sucked. We licked. From mouth, to neck, nipple, chest, stomach - in short, every parts of our bodies we explore like there's no tomorrow! We had to keep it down a little though I would prefer to go all out on the moan!

I was sucking his nipple *alamak why so small one? I prefer BIG nipple!* while looking down at his package when suddenly ....

"Uwaaaaaaaa ..! Uwaaaaaaa ..!" The crying sound of my nephew wanting a bottle of milk woke me up. Grrr.... That was a dream? A dream?! Urgghhh ..... 


  1. Hahah, cause I don't think I am that daring to do it in the house when other family members are present.

    1. me too .. die weyh if do it with other family members present..

  2. Replies
    1. well that's the thing.. i don't even know the guy! heck i can't even remember his face. all that i can remember is that he have small nipples - which is quite a turn off in the dream (and in real life too!) i prefer man who have big nipple. then can suck until cloud nine ... kekekekeke

  3. i rather sleep and dream forever hahaha

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