Friday, 8 February 2013

Of Butter Rice and Fried Egg

Here's the thing. My family don't cook for our meals. We rarely cook for our meals unless it's for some special occasion or there are certain requests by some of my family members. Most of the time it will be either mommy (for festive seasons) or yours truly (for those special request) who cook. I'm not a great cook but I'm pretty decent. Though my skills have gone rusty considering I didn't cook that often anymore like I used to. So, we either tapau or eat outside for every meal time.

Last night, no different than any other night, daddy called the warong that's nearby our place to order (they don't do delivery but they do accept order by phone then only we go and pick our order up). Unfortunately, they did not answer the call. 

Daddy: They did not pick up the call lah. You go and cook something lah.
Mommy: What to cook? There's no ingredients in the house. The only ingredients left are eggs and rice!
Daddy: No chilli? No onions?
Mommy: None. I have yet go grocery shopping. 
*Normally we do keep a few essential items in the house. The items are mostly leftovers from our previous cooking session*
Daddy: Hmm...
Mommy: You (yours truly) go and make butter rice and fried eggs. 
Me: ............................

I was so hungry last night because I did not eat proper lunch so I initially detest the idea. I was thinking that I won't be satisfied just by having friend eggs with rice. But considering we have no other options, butter rice and fried eggs then. Oh, I made butter rice because I want to put in a little flavour into the meal. White rice and fried eggs sounds a little blergghhh for me. 

Come dinner time. Took one bite of the food. My face changes. I thought "Damn this is pretty good. I might actually be satisfied with this." True enough. Few minutes later, with just a simple dish and even without proper lunch before, my tummy is a happy tummy for the rest of the night. All thanks to a very simple, bachelor-like dish, that I abhor.

Is there any food that you guys detest having it when you are so hungry and yet so filling and satisfying when you have it? Do tell. I want to know :)

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