Friday, 1 February 2013

Just a whole lot of everything

Say good bye to January and oh hello February! =)

The beginning of February means the beginning of a new skin care regime. My previous ones are lacking at best. It doesn't help me in terms of solving my problems and I'm beginning to feel bored using it because well, it doesn't show any results. So, I whip out my cash and bought a new one. Hopefully this time it works and I'll see how it fares. So far so good. I can see that it works even on the first day itself. I'll try to record the progress weekly and see if there's any difference in a month. I have quite a high expectation for this one as it was recommended by my sister and I have heard good things about it. So, let's hope this one works for me yeah!

The beginning of February also means that I am now into my 3rd year in the working force. Won't really be getting into details in this as I have mentioned it in my previous post.

It is only like 9 days to Chinese New Year and the town is buzzing with people shopping for clothes, food and whatnot. I myself have been munching on the mandarin oranges quite religiously. So, yeay to 5 servings of fruits! Very healthy and rich in Vitamin C too! =p It also means I'll be feasting my eyes with all those leng cais! Oohh speaking of leng cai, I saw a leng cai with quite a nice built, wearing shorts. He doesn't really have the biceps and whatnot but his thighs and legs are soooo yummylicious! They are waxed and hard and just drools .... Oh and he has quite a nice looking armpit hair too =p *Get into my room to do service to myself while imagining him servicing me ...*

Ok dah habis .........


  1. Ooo, effective ? Do let me know if it's really working.

    A lot of people been saying that if we get enough sleep, the skin will just be flawless by itself.


    1. i'm crossing my fingers that it will work well for me. it's tiring hunting for THE products that suits you.

      ditto on the enough sleep but let's be real, just how many of us really get enough/ adequate/ recommended sleeping time?

      p.s. what products are u using now chen xing?

    2. Am using Bio-therm Homme Aquapower range.

      Thinking to try either Clinique or SKII after this.


    3. Is it good? The biotherm homme aquapower?

    4. Is it good? The biotherm homme aquapower?

    5. Skin's clearer. Been using it for about 2 years now.