Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Body Shop Haul

Some of you might know that Body Shop is having their promotion until June 10th, which means that their promotion ends this Sunday. I went there a couple of days ago to stock up my shower gel as I absolutely love their shower gels. It's as if like, pakai Body Shop shower gel, terus tak nak pakai yang lain! But of course, that's not necessarily true. My wallet is not that thick >.<

The price is

So, for this post I am going to write about my haul =) And yes, this will be a beauty post ;)

The first thing that I bought is this -

It's called Moringa Shower Gel. I fall in love with this one the first time I ever use it, which ends up in me buying THREE 750ml bottles! *grin* I really like the scent. It's floral and the scent will still linger around you after you finished your shower, which means you'll smell really good. And it's a turn on for me to smell a man  who just came out of shower, smelling all nice and fresh. It's just .... emmmmmm...

According to First used in Ayurvedic medicine some 4,000 years ago, moringa seed oil comes from the moringa tree, which is native to northern India. It is known as the “miracle tree” due to its wide variety of beneficial uses. In Ayuveda, it is used as a natural antibiotic, an aid in childbirth and for treating liver problems. But that’s not all. The oil was highly treasured by the ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian civilizations for use in protecting the skin and making perfume. It was so good they even used it to create their own skin smoothing product!

The next item that I bought is Peach Shower Gel and Papaya Shower Gel, one each. 

I haven't try these products yet. The only reason I bought them is because of the price. It was on Buy 1 Free 1, and one item is RM 22.00, that makes it RM 11.00 each. It's kind of expensive for a shower gel that is this small (it's only 250ml) but it's Body Shop after all. It's scent is sweet and although it's supposed to have peach and papaya scent, I find that the papaya smells really like the peach ones. It's as if there's no difference between them at all. Will try it after my first bottle of Moringa finishes. Or I could just use them alternately. See how first. 

Another thing that I bought is their paddle cushion hair brush. I was tempted to buy them after seeing them featured in a magazine. It says that the brush is good for detangling your hair. Since I have a bit of curly hair (more like straight at the top and curl at the end) I thought this brush will help me to manage my curls better i.e. make it appear a bit straighter. But, meh. I guess I still need to do rebonding after all. I was actually looking for natural and non-chemical ways to straighten my hair. So, if any of you guys out there know how or have some tips, do tell me yah! 


  1. You should buy the strawberry showerscrub! That one is heaven.. lol,.. The only body shop thing i have now is strawberry condoms from Bodyshop.. :P

    1. strawberry? somehow it smells plain for me .... huhuhuhu..

      they sell condoms in body shop? *scratch head* or is it the aussie's 18SX version of body shop? :p