Thursday, 28 June 2012

Ruler of A Nation

I rule a nation .... PROCRASTINATION!!!

I have something that is due on July 12th. It was supposed to be done daily for the last 12 months.

But me being me, I put it off until now :(

Now only I went nervous and wonder whether I can finish it by the dateline.

It stresses me out .... but I deserved it anyway.

I always put things off till the last minute saying "OMG! This is going to be hard to do!"

When I actually do it in the last minute, I always came to realisation that "Hey, this isn't so hard. Why the hell did I put it off till the last minute?"


Grow up are-5th .... Just grow up ......

P.S. I'm already on week 14 in my thing. Left 52 - 14 = 38 weeks to go. Not so bad. Think I can finish it up by this weekend =)


  1. dont worry, I am in ur position as well...need to submit review by august and I told my supervisor to come find me again a week before august and it will get done..dont keep asking since I wont do it XD

    1. it's like we won't get any inspiration to get the best ideas to do it if we do it early. last minute then all the inspirations and good ideas come =)