Monday, 11 June 2012

Korea: Day 1 - Touch Down

We landed in Incheon early in the morning, around 6.30 a.m. perhaps. We took Air Asia X and it was my virgin flight with them. Let's just say that I had a crappy flight. I can't sleep at all for the whole duration of the flight. I was like pejam celik pejam celik throughout the flight. At first I thought of getting myself their portable in-flight entertainment but the price is just meh and the movies are well, not so interesting. Even their selection of music is meh.So, it was a 6 hours of crap for me T.T

Now back to the trip instead of whining.......

The moment we landed we became so excited! Take pictures here and there. We even took pictures of the signboards, because they are written in Hangul! Kekekeke...... Proceed to the immigration, was quite shocked to see way too may people queueing up to get their passport stamped. Not making it any better, at that same time 4 flights have landed - Air Asia X, Malaysia Airline, Korean Air and Air France - and only 5 immigration counters were open. To make it even worst, they did not switch on the air cond! Or maybe they did but there were too many people cramped in a small area making the place feel pretty warm.

After we are done with immigration and picked up our baggage, we did a quick freshen up, well the ladies did. But I was so sweaty that I need a shower, albeit an express one. Apparently there's a Korean spa in the airport and I have to pay KRW 10,000 to enter. So, ok lor. Pay up and get in and then .... o_0 Men! Naked everywhere! Grrrr..... Yuummmm!!! =p I did not make any research on the etiquette of Korean spa and at that time I really don't care about it because we need to catch our pre-booked cab, which will arrive in 5 minutes. I quickly took a shower and wrapped myself in my own towel (they provide towel for you but it was a small good morning-like-towel) and crap .... Apparently I broke one of their etiquette. There's a reason why EVERYONE are naked. Luckily I'm a tourist so they just give me a look and turn away. Didn't manage to enjoy the amazing scene though ..... but it was a different story at night time .... Ngeh3... That will be in the final part of day 1 in Korea :)

Feeling fresh, we go to see our cabbie. He's pretty upset that we were late. Yes, the Koreans are very particular about punctuality. One of their good traits. It took us an hour from Incheon to reach Myeongdong.  We tumpang our bags at our guesthouse and off we go for brekkie and planning for the day trip. Oohh.. Even nak tumpang our bags at the guesthouse also got problem. We inform to the manager that we are going to tumpang our trolley bags there for 2 days earlier in our email. So, he said ok. When we arrived we thought of tumpang-ing our backpack as well because there's no way we're lugging that heavy backpack all day! And that's where problems occured. Dia tak bagi tumpang weyh! That small backpack dia tak bagi. We only need to put it till evening because we are going to Incheon again to spend our night there as we are going to Jeju the next day. So, the contents of the backpack are all the necessities for our Jeju trip. That's why they are heavy. It seems that they are very strict like that. Like if you don't inform them earlier, they won't let you do that. The manager said it's burdening him to keep our backpack. In my mind I was like, "Backpack kecik je kot. Burdening apa kejadahnya!"So, ok lah. We need to find other alternative. So, we all duduk at a convenience store (convenience store pon ada tempat duduk seyh. Kagum kejap aku), buy a bottle of banana milk each and think what to do next. Sambil-sambil tu, telan lah bread that we brought from Malaysia. Long story short, we tumpang our backpack at another guesthouse. So, kind of them!

Banana Milk!!! Yummm..!!

Next, Gyeongbokgung Palace ......


  1. eh eh eh, where are the hot Men Men Men? wink wink

  2. sabar lah... there's not much.. but it's there :)

  3. oh oh~ banana milk!!! did you try their 50 cents (500 won I think) fruit icecream stick? honeydew etc~

    1. hah? got ker? i never knew! but i tried their KRW 1000 caramel candy stick. so nice also :) but i never saw any icecream stick...